Independent Student Self-Study Committee

At the same time the school initiates its self-study process, the student leadership should begin an independent review of the medical education program, student services, the learning environment, and the adequacy of educational resources.

In performing its analysis, the group leading the student review will need to conduct a student opinion survey of all enrolled students in order to develop a comprehensive picture of student perceptions of their institution. Although medical school officials can provide logistical support and technical advice to students to help them conduct their survey and analyses, they should not participate in the development of the student survey, in the analysis of survey data, or in the preparation of the independent student analysis report.

The self-study committee that reviews database sections and standards relating to medical students will need to include the completed independent student analysis in its materials, along with the relevant database sections.

The student group may combine an analysis of the results of the student survey with an analysis of the results of the most recent AAMC Medical School Graduation Questionnaire/AAMC-AFMC Medical School Canadian Graduation Questionnaire (which the school should provide to the student group) to develop a student report similar to those of the self-study committees. This report should highlight student perceptions of the program’s most notable strengths and achievements, and areas where it can improve. This report should be available to the self-study task force at the same time as the reports of the various self-study committees (about six months before the survey visit) so that student opinion can be fully incorporated into the program’s final self-study summary.

Independent Student Self-Study Committee Membership


  • Tess Jasinski (M’14)
  • Angie Kang (M’14 Class President)
  • Andy Locke (M’13)


  • Yanik Bababekov (M’13 MD/MPH)   
  • Caitlin Foley (M’14 MD/PHD)
  • Courtney Harris (M’15 Class President)          
  • Randy Kring (M’15 Maine Track)
  • Matthew Nilsson (M’15 Maine Track)
  • Sean Rajaee (M’13 Curriculum Rep)
  • Andrew Rausch (M’14)                      
  • Loni Rogers (M’14)
  • Ameer Shah (M’13 Class President)   
  • David Skavdahl (M’13 Maine Track)
  • Rachel Wood (M’16)                          
  • Jared Wortzman (M’16 Class President)