Project Timeline


April Accreditation Project Team appointed by Dean
General announcement sent to the TUSM Community
May-June Database materials prepared for distribution
June-July Database sections forwarded to appropriate recipients
Provide Database assistance and follow up
Planning for Student Self Study
July-August Identification of Self Study Committee Chairs
September-October Formation of Self-Study Committees
Development of SSC meeting schedule
Final Database sections due in Accreditation Project Office
November-December Compilation of preliminary Database
Preparation for ISS process
Initiation of Independent Student Analysis


January Self Study Committees meetings begin
May-June Self Study Committee reports due
July Steering Committee meetings begin
August-September Review/Update Database
First draft of Institutional Self Study report due
October Final read of Database
Final Institutional Self Study report due
November Mail materials to LCME


January Pre-visit Planning Meetings
February 2-5  On-site visit