LCME Announcement to TUSM Faculty, Students and Staff

Every eight years American medical schools undergo reaccreditation of their educational programs. The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) has confirmed that they will conduct an Accreditation Site Visit of Tufts University School of Medicine from February 2-5, 2014.  Planning begins approximately 20 months in advance.

Accreditation asks the following questions:

  • Has the program clearly established its institutional learning objectives?
  • Are the program's curriculum and resources organized to meet its objectives?
  • What is the evidence that the program is currently achieving its objectives and is likely to continue to meet them in the future?

The process has several components:

  • Completion of the LCME Medical Education Database and compilation of other supporting documents
  • The Institutional Self-Study
  • On-site visit by the LCME Survey Team

Database sections will soon be forwarded to the appropriate academic or administrative units.  The database requests information on all aspects of the school and focuses on five major areas: Institutional Setting, Educational Programs, Medical Students, Faculty, and Educational Resources.

The Institutional Self-Study is the core of the accreditation process.  Self-Study Committees will be formed and will include representatives of the administration, governing boards, affiliated hospitals, faculty, student body, clinical fellows and alumni.  The Committees will review and analyze the information gathered through the Database collection process and prepare a report of their findings, including needs and recommendations. The student leadership will also conduct an independent review of the medical education program, student services, the learning environment and adequacy of educational resources.

Self-Study Committee reports will then be reviewed by the Steering Committee which I will chair.  The group will be composed of the Self-Study Committee Chairs and will be responsible for synthesizing the Self-Study Committee findings into the final institutional summary report which will be submitted to the LCME along with the completed Database.

I have designated an Accreditation Project Team which includes Dr. Henry Klapholz (Dean for Clinical Affairs) and Dr. Scott Epstein (Dean for Educational Affairs) as Faculty Co-Directors; and Lorraine Caristo (Special Assistant to the Dean-Reaccreditation) as Project Manager. The team will report to me.

This project is an opportunity to undertake a thoughtful and comprehensive self-assessment, to identify our strengths and mechanisms for building upon them, and to discuss areas of concern and measures for improvements.

As the process moves forward, we will keep you updated through emails and an LCME Accreditation website.

I look forward to working with you and, as always, appreciate your support.