Project Update: December 14, 2012

To the TUSM Community:

Thank you for your efforts to support the database collection phase of the LCME Accreditation Project. Phase two will begin in January.  Each of the five Self Study Committees will meet monthly through June 2013 to review the data already collected, respond to the LCME questions, and prepare a report of their findings. In addition, the Independent Student Self Study Committee will design and implement a survey of the student body focusing on the medical education program, student services, the learning environment, and the adequacy of educational resources. The final report of that committee will be a major component of the overall submission to the LCME.

Although the site visit is a year away- February 2-5, 2014- we still have significant work to do in the months ahead. With your continued support, I am confident we will bring this effort to a successful conclusion.

Thank you again and very best wishes for the holiday season.

Harris A. Berman, M.D.