Alumni Resources

The Office of Financial Aid has a variety of resources aimed at Tufts Alumni as well as current students. We are strongly committed to financial aid education as a life-time goal, not just while you are enrolled at a university.

We are available for help with budgeting, deferment, forbearances, consolidation, and repayment. Tufts University also offers a Loan Repayment Program and other financial literacy materials.

One of the most important words of advice to remember is to read and save all documentation sent to you by your lender(s) and the TUSM Office of Financial Aid. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or your servicer in order to avoid any financial mishaps. Ignoring or misunderstanding the issue can cost you your financial health in the future, and have a large impact on your goals down the road!

How to Manage Student Loans During Residency

Answers various student loan questions received from new and current residents. Topics include: choosing the best repayment plan, postponing payments, and refinancing or consolidating student loans. A brief discussion about Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) and tax deductions are also covered.

Living on a Resident’s Salary AND Paying Your Student Loans – You Can Do It!

See how living on a resident’s salary, and living within a realistic budget, can make it possible to afford a student loan payment while in residency.

Education Debt Manager (EDM) for Graduating Students
A free booklet designed to provide tips and information about managing your student loan debt and loan repayment after graduation from medical school.

New Repayment Plan Is Now Available

Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) is available to all borrowers with Direct Loans who want a monthly loan payment based on 10% percent of their discretionary income, and NOT based on their debt. More details are available here

Financial Aid Glossary

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Confused by forbearance? Forget what subsidized means? Our financial aid glossary can help you decipher often perplexing money terms.

Financial Aid Policies

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How does financial aid affect married students or students with children? Read detailed information about our policies.

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