Faculty Loan Repayment Program

The Faculty Loan Repayment Program (FLRP) supports health professions educators who are from disadvantaged backgrounds and serve a vital role in preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals. The financial assistance offered through the Faculty Loan Repayment Program decreases the economic barriers associated with pursuing a career as a health professions educator preparing the next generation of health professionals.

Prospective Applicants Should Know:

  • The Faculty Loan Repayment Program will provide a lump sum, up to a maximum of $40,000, for a two year service commitment.  In addition, the Program requires a funding match from the applicant’s health professions school, which helps program participants further reduce their educational debt.
  • Faculty Loan Repayment Program participants who have additional qualifying loans once their service commitment is complete may re-apply for another two-year contract in exchange for additional years of service.

As in previous years, the Faculty Loan Repayment Program is expected to be competitive. If there are more qualified applicants than available funding, preference will be based upon:  the amount of financial match from the applicant’s school; full-time faculty status; and demonstrated commitment to promoting health care careers.

Financial Aid Glossary

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Confused by forbearance? Forget what subsidized means? Our financial aid glossary can help you decipher often perplexing money terms.

Financial Aid Policies

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How does financial aid affect married students or students with children? Read detailed information about our policies.

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