Planning for $uccess

The Planning for $uccess Financial Literacy Program aims to provide TUSM students with a broad financial literacy education that dives deeper than just the typical debt management and loan repayment strategies. We wish for you to be financially savvy in a variety of topics—credit, budgeting, identity theft prevention, and buying a home, just to name a few—and assist you in this endeavor by offering sessions from third-party experts in these fields and delivering you quality financial tips and information.

In addition to our semi-annually newsletter and session offerings, TUSM has teamed with American Student Assistance® to bring you free lifetime memberships to SALT, a financial literacy program designed to assist you with a wealth of money questions.

Planning for $uccess Events

Fall sessions:

Looking Ahead to Residency for Fourth Years - This newly recorded session will help you start planning ahead for the financial aspects of interviewing for, and ultimately completing your residency program. Topics include spending wisely on interview costs, budgeting while in residency, the complexities of your first paycheck, developing financial goals, and resources to help you manage the transition from student to resident. Be sure to listen to each slide!

Having Fun While Living on Less: Budgeting and Living Frugally- Need help creating and sticking to a spending plan? This session will provide you with the tools and tips to keep you on track, while not feeling deprived.

Primary Care Session: Are You Interested in Primary Care But Afraid You Cannot Afford It? - Topics covered include Income Based Repayment (IBR), Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), Primary Care Loans (PCL), and the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Loan Repayment Program. While financials should never determine your specialty, we realize it may have an impact and hope to break the myth that you cannot afford to practice in Primary Care. While we cannot cover every possible scenario in this presentation, we want to provide you with a high-level overview to further enhance your knowledge and get you thinking about the options available. This presentation is intended to begin the communication process with the Office of Financial Aid on this topic so you can make quality financial decisions pertaining to your future.

Get Organized! — Interested in finding more ways to organize your finances and save yourself from the frustration of juggling budgeting your money and managing your loan debt? Do you have any great websites or other resources you would like to share with your peers? Our Planning for $uccess financial literacy program is offering a session on the various electronic resources available to help you manage and organize your money. Topics of discussion will include budgeting tools, debt management resources, finding discounts, and staying on top of your finances. More information to come!

Filings Taxes for Graduating Students – The tax game changes when you go from a student to an employee, and this session will enhance your knowledge on the nuances of tax filing. More information to come!

Intro to Financial Planning - Planning for $uccess aims for our students to be financially savvy both now and in the future. Topics of discussion include saving for retirement, malpractice insurance, maintaining good credit, the importance of paying debt versus saving money, and implementing a strategic financial plan. More information to come!

Intro to Taxes for Students – Confused on how to file taxes as a student? Need to know the differences in contract employment and wage employment? This session will cover general tax filing topics that apply to current students. More information to come!

What is Salt

What Is SALT?

SALT was created by American Student Assistance® (ASA), a nonprofit organization, to help TUSM students like you become more financially savvy. This program rewards you for making smart money decisions, and we’re providing all of its services to you—including your membership as a gift—free of charge.

Activating your SALT membership allows you to take advantage of member-only features like:

• Interactive money management tools that show you how to take control of your finances.

• A personal dashboard that tracks all of your student loans in one place.

• Loan advice from SALT’s expert counselors.

• My Money 101—a self-paced, online training resource that teaches you practical money management strategies for budgeting, credit management, and more.

• Exclusive benefits that help you save and spend smart.

AAMC Education Debt Manager for Matriculating Medical School Students

Did you know?

A typical student borrowing federal loans can expect to pay back 167% of what they borrowed over approximately a 10 year period!  By limiting borrowing now, and paying for expenses out of pocket, students can avoid this 67% increase due to interest and fees.

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