Life in Greater Boston

Boston is a world-class city rich in United States history, celebrated for its culture, and enviable for a vibrant social scene catering to the student population of its many outstanding colleges and universities. The city also is home to many of the world’s finest hospitals and affiliated medical schools – including, of course, Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM) and its flagship Tufts University Medical Center. Our other training hospitals are located in many welcoming and appealing communities in the Boston suburbs, across the state and beyond.

In short, Greater Boston is an ideal place for aspiring international medical and health care professionals to pursue the best in American medical education and training, through TUSM.

Boston presents some challenges for visitors, though. It is one of America’s more expensive places to live, the layout of its streets can be confusing for newcomers and, like any foreign city for international visitors, its customs and culture can be a challenge to learn.

TUSM’s Office of International Affairs (OIA) aims to be a valuable resource for our international colleagues. We can help with the administrative and procedural issues of getting started in our education and training programs, and work to solve problems and issues – professional, cultural and every-day living – that arise during your stay here.

The pages in the Living in Boston section of the OIA web site – and the links to other sites – are just a starting place for you to find information you need to make your studies, work and life here a rewarding and enjoyable experience. We encourage you to contact us directly with any additional questions, concerns or problems. We will do our very best to accommodate your requests as quickly, helpfully and courteously as possible.

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