Living in Boston

Boston is a world-class city with a unique history, culture and social scene. The city also is home to many of the world’s finest hospitals and affiliated medical schools – including, of course, Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM) and its flagship Tufts University Medical Center.

Boston presents some challenges for visitors, though. It is one of America’s more expensive places to live, the layout of its streets can be confusing for newcomers and, like any foreign city for international visitors, its customs and culture can be a challenge to learn.

Our "Living in Boston" web section is just a starting place for international graduates to find information they need to make their studies, work and life here a rewarding and enjoyable experience. We encourage you to contact us directly at the Office of International Affairs (OIA) with any additional questions, concerns or problems. We will do our very best to accommodate their requests as quickly, helpfully and courteously as possible.

The OIA Handbook includes information about the programs we offer, our affiliated hospitals and how to get around the city. There are also tips on apartment hunting and places to visit around Boston.

Finding a Place to Live

Getting Around

Local Dining

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