Personal/Patient Health and Safety Requirements

International candidates for all programs offered by TUSM at its affiliated and training hospitals must fulfill personal health requirements and demonstrate proficiency on a number of patient and physician health and safety issues before they may begin their assignments here.

You should begin work on fulfilling these requirements as soon as — if not before — you are notified that you have been accepted into the program of your choice.

For the full duration of your participation in your TUSM-affiliated hospital program, you must be covered by a personal insurance policy that meets TUSM requirements. Please download, complete and return to the OIA via email ( the form below attesting that you have and will continue to carry the required insurance:

When notified of your acceptance by the Office of International Affairs (OIA), you should act quickly to ensure that you have been tested for and/or immunized against a number of infectious diseases. This is a requirement of the Health Departments of our training hospitals for all employees, and you will be required by the OIA and hospital to certify that you have been tested for/immunized against all the listed diseases. Please complete and return to the OIA via email the following form:

The hospital at which you do your work, study or research also will expect you to be knowledgeable on a number of patient and physician health, safety and privacy issues. These are legal and government requirements. Please download, study and be prepared to demonstrate your proficiency in each of these areas as soon as you arrive to begin your assignment: