Admissions and Student Support

The Office of Multicultural Affairs corresponds with all minority medical school applicants who are invited for an interview. The Dean for Multicultural Affairs and the Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, as well as Student National Medical Association members, meet with applicants on the day of interview to provide a program overview and an opportunity for interaction.

During orientation the Office of Multicultural Affairs meets with all students during the morning introductory session to give an overview of TUSM’s Diversity, its role and programs. Interviewees also have the opportunity to meet with the Dean and Director individually. Minority medical students host applicants during the interview process and are available for follow up through email. Revisit days are offered to all accepted minority students to come back to the TUSM campus for two days. Students attended class, PBL, Anatomy Laboratory and met with students as well as other selected activities.

First and second year students can take advantage of tutorial services offered by the Office of Student Affairs. Students receive individual academic and personal counseling on time management and test taking strategies from the Deans for Student Affairs and the Director of Multicultural Affairs and Student Programs. Students are provided consultant resources to follow up on test taking, time management, and learning disability testing.

Diversity Representatives are voted into this position by each entering class. Under the direction of the Office of Multicultural Affairs Director, they develop programming in conjunction with the various departments of the medical school. Programming have included diversity panel during orientation; ongoing search for the dean for multicultural affairs as well as providing housing and speaking during interviewing with perspective students.

Also, diversity representatives are seated on the Tufts Culture and Health Curriculum Development Team as interactive members working with the team to develop effective tools in cross-cultural medicine for curriculum the first two years. 

Additionally, the Offices of Multicultural and Student Affairs provide counseling to students.