2014 IDEAS Recipient

JoAnna Leyenaar, MD, MPH and Jessica Bennett, MD, MPH
Tufts Medical Center
Empowering Residents and Medical Students to Lead Cultural Competency Curriculum Development: an Innovative Approach to Cultural Competency Training

Cultural competency is a requirement for medical school and residency accreditation. Despite this, effective methods to teach these skills to senior medical students and residents remain elusive. Our proposal describes an innovative approach to teaching cultural competence, whereby pediatrics residents and medical students provide education to one another about important tenets of culturally competent care. This curriculum applies self-directed learning principals and builds upon technological infrastructure to integrate an innovative evaluation approach. Working in teams of fourth year students and pediatric residents, small groups will draw upon their own personal and patient experiences to develop lesson plans based on knowledge or skills deficits identified in the initial evaluation. Our approach allows participants to be completely engaged with the subject matter being taught while also providing data regarding differences in our three outcomes of interest - cross-culture preparedness, skillfulness and experience - across levels of training.  This work will generate essential preliminary data to support subsequent grant proposals to assess the impact of this curriculum on larger groups of medical students and residents in other disciplines.