Financial Aid

Through successful fundraising and earmarks in the operating budget, the medical school has reduced indebtedness for MD students over the past five years. However, students continue to graduate with significant debt, particularly individuals in combined degree programs, and relieving this debt is a major priority for the school. For masters’ students, available funds for grants are minimal, thereby potentially impacting our ability to enroll a diverse class. 

Using documents already prepared for the LCME accreditation process as well as other available materials, the financial aid committee will develop a description of the impact of the cost of attendance for students in all degree programs. In keeping with the work of the education strategic plan groups, the financial aid committee may develop specific emphases that will aid in the recruitment of students that fulfill educational goals.

Executive Committee Chairs:
Tara Olsen, Director of Financial Aid
Marsha Semuels, Executive Administrative Dean

Executive Committee Members:
Amy Kuhlik, Dean of Student Affairs
Aviva Must, Professor & Chair, Public Health and Community Medicine
Jo Linder, Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine, Maine Medical Center
Patti Ambrosia, Director of Budget & Finance Operations
John Matias, Associate Dean of Admissions and Enrollment
Joyce Sackey, Dean of Multicultural Affairs & Global Health
Rebecca Scott, Senior Director, Development and Alumni Relations

Final Report