Tufts University Alumni Awards

The Tufts University Alumni Association began the Tufts University Alumni Awards Program in 1941 to honor accomplished individuals for their service to their profession, their communities, and to Tufts.

2016 TUSM Award Recipients

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Tufts University Alumni Awards, a program that honors Jumbos who are accomplishing big things in the world and at the university. The following are two Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM) award winners:


Dr. Mark Pearlmutter, M84The Tufts Alumni Distinguished Service Award recipient is Dr. Mark Pearlmutter, M84, an Associate Professor at TUSM and the Tisch College. For over 30 years, Dr. Pearlmutter has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to prepare students to practice medicine in culturally diverse communities, to respond to medical crises, and to make a difference in the lives of their patients.

Since graduating from TUSM, his long-standing service has been comprised of accomplishments that benefit students, staff, and the Tufts community abroad. Tufts University was founded on the principles of civic engagement and the belief that everyone has an innate responsibility to society.

As an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the medical school, and a co-director of The Tisch College and TUSM Community Service Learning Program, Dr. Pearlmutter embodies Tufts’ commitment to active citizenship.


Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, J99, F04, M05Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, J99, F04, M05, is the winner of the Tufts Alumni Active Citizenship and Public Service Award. In the short 10 years since graduating from TUSM, Dr. Bhadelia has accomplished what most hope to in a lifetime. Her passion for public health, here and abroad, has taken her to Sierra Leone many times to join the fight against Ebola.

Dr. Bhadelia is currently the Infectious Disease Specialist at Boston Medical Center and the Director of Infection Control and Medical Response at National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory at Boston University. Her fearlessness in tackling global health problems, inspires Tufts students and faculty, and makes the Tufts community proud.

TUSM Award Recipients Since 1941

The following are Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM) alumni who have been recognized for their achievements since the Tufts University Alumni Awards Program began in 1941:

Full Name & Suffix Year Award
Nahid Bhadelia, M.D., MALD, J99, F04, M05 2016 Active Citizenship & Public Service Award
Mark D. Pearlmutter, M.D. 2016 Distinguished Service to Tufts
Sean B. Carroll, Ph.D., SK83 2015 Distinguished Achievement Award
Akudo Anyanwu Ikemba, M.D., M02 2015 Distinguished Achievement
Randal (Randy) C. Christensen, M.D., M.P.H., M95 2014 Citizenship & Public Service Award
Mary Y. Lee, M.D., M.A., M.S., J75, M83 2014 Distinguished Serve Award
Katherine Luzuriaga, M.D., M84 2014 Achievement Award
Steven J. Phillips, M.D., M66, A89P 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award
David S. Rosenthal, M.D., M63, AG88P 2011 Distinguished Achievement Award
Sherwood L. Gorbach, M.D., M62, J84P 2009 Distinguished Service Award
Lawrence K. Altman, M.D., M62 2008 Distinguished Service Award
John C. Richmond, M.D., M76 2008 Distinguished Service Award
Dr. Bernard E. Maney, A49, M53, J81P 2007 Lifetime Service Award
Elena M. Massarotti, M.D., J80, M84 2006 Distinguished Service Award
Donald E. Wilson, M.D., M.A.C.P., M62, H08 2006 Distinguished Service Award
Dr. Gloria White-Hammond, M76, H06 2005 Distinguished Service Award
Roseanna H. Means, M.D., M81 2004 Distinguished Service Award
Dr. Paul A. Brown, M64, M93P 2002  
Dr. William M. McDermott, A53, M58, AG54, A84P 1999 Lifetime Service Award
Robert A. Sears, M.D., A50, M54, A83P 1997  
Dr. Philip E. McCarthy, M59, M97P 1996 Lifetime Service Award
Barbara A. Rockett, M.D., M57, M90P, M93P, J96P 1995  
Francis A. D'Ambrosio, M.D., M45, J80P, M80P, M88P 1991  
Henry H. Banks, M.D., M45, AG74P 1990  
Bernard A. Berman, M.D., A45, M48, J83P 1986  
Dr. Elias C. Dow, M53, J85P, M85P, M87P 1985  
Francis A. Avola, M.D., A41, M44 1981  
Brian M. Golden, M.D., A61, M65, A89P 1981  
Fred G. Arrigg, M.D., M47, A75P, A77P, M78P, M79P, M82P 1978  
Farahe Maloof, M.D., M45 1978  
Jane F. Desforges, M.D., M45 1975 Lifetime Service Award
Gerard Desforges, M.D., M45 1975 Lifetime Service Award
Thomas A. Martin, M.D., M32 1971  
Dr. Robert E. McAfee, M60, M87P 1966 Distinguished Achievement Award
Francis P. McCarthy, M.D., M05 1966  
H. Spencer Glidden, M.D., A27, M31, AG62P 1963  
Helen C. Young, M.D., M49 1963  
Lawrence R. Dame, M.D., A23, M27 1959  
Dr. Philip E. Meltzer, D15, M18 1957  
George W. Papen, M.D., A15, M16 1957  
Nathan Brody, M.D., A29, M33 1956  
Anna Q. Churchill, M.D., M17 1955  
J. Laurence Golden, M.D., M28, A55P, J59P, D61P, J61P, A61P, J63 1953  
Frank H. Dunbar, M.D., M00 1952  
Stanley H. Osborn, M.D., M14, H42 1951  
Edward M. Hodgkins, M.D., M15 1950  
Harry Blotner, M.D., M24, A60P, M64P 1948  
Alonzo K. Paine, M.D., M02, H47 1945  
George G. Averill, M.D., M96, H41 1944  
A. Warren Stearns, M.D., A09, M10, H43, A39P 1943  
Christopher J. Duncan, M.D., M28 1942  
Louis E. Phaneuf, M.D., M13 1942