HOST Program

Through the HOST program, alumni volunteers can help offset the financial burden of traveling for residency interviews by offering students free housing and meals.

How does it work?
The program matches alumni and parent volunteers across the country with fourth-year students who are traveling for their residency interviews. Our students are seeking information about particular cities and hospitals and a place to stay.

HOST volunteers can provide any of the following for our students: lodging, meals, and an insider's view of your city, hospital, and specialty.

The Office of Alumni Relations will provide students will alumni host volunteer's information and criteria, including preferred form of communication, times of availability, and number of students they can accommodate. Once a connection is established the student and alumnus will work out the particular details of their stay and plans. We appreciate your support and patience in our inaugural year of this program.

Time of year
The majority of interviews take place from October through January.

Interviews Changes or Cancellations
Students and alumni are kindly asked to make any cancellation notices as soon as possible and notify the alumni office.

For more information, please contact Kara Ray, Senior Associate Director of Alumni Relations or call 617.636.6594.

For Alumni
To volunteer, please apply online »

We are most in need of the volunteers in the following areas:
New York City
Los Angeles
San Francisco
San Diego

For Students
Request a host for your residency interview(s) »

Although we hope to provide a match for all requests, we may not be able to do so due to the volume of requests verses the number of volunteers. If possible, we suggest making other, refundable, plans as a precaution.

Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that all requests or offers are fulfilled. We often have more volunteers than students for particular cities. In addition, the actual location of the cities students will be traveling from year to year.

Contact Us

For more information on volunteer opportunities in medical education at TUSM, please contact Kara Ray, Senior Associate Director of Development & Alumni Relations at or 617-636-6594.

“I volunteer for Tufts because the medical school prepared me so well for my profession as a pediatrician. In a sense I am paying it forward, and I am rewarded by meeting the new classes of medical students and seeing their enthusiasm, capabilities, and commitment.”

Carol E. Allen, MD, M71
Tufts Medical Alumni Association President

“I get to work with some of the smartest students on earth, who are so enthusiastic for medicine. They have to synthesize a lot of information and think clinically to diagnose and treat the patient. Each student brings different strengths to the process. As they come to appreciate each other’s different approaches and personalities, they learn to work as a team and trust one another.”

Jack Tsai, MD, M06
Tufts Medical Alumni Association Executive Council Member and volunteer teacher in Tufts’ PBL Program

Tufts Affiliated Opportunities

Medical Alumni Volunteer Expert Network (The MAVEN Project) — The MAVEN Project is a national corps of volunteer physicians who are committed to the healthcare needs of underserved populations while utilizing telemedicine technology. This opportunity is suited for specialists and primary care physicians who are newly retired or semi-retired, or who work part time and are willing to contribute their expertise to providers and patients in safety-net clinics.

Seed Global Health — Tufts partners with Seed to address the need for medical training in resource-limited countries. We recruit medical professionals with clinical and technical skills, combined with a desire to go abroad, to provide managerial guidance to foreign health-care workers. In order to ensure that the most qualified can serve, Seed offers loan repayment.