Editing Pane

The Editing Pane is used to modify content and media in an existing web page. The Editing Pane resides in the right pane of the browser window, while the content tree resides in the left pane.

The tabs in the top left corner of this pane will display the following:
  • Folder tab — a globe icon representing each website in the Content Tree 
  • Content tab — sections and fields for each page in the Content Tree

Editing Pane Screenshot

Sections and Fields

After selecting a page in the content tree, the items that make up the page will be displayed in the Content Editing Pane. These items are broken out into subdivisions called sections, which are further divided into fields. Fields contain relevant information required to modify the appropriate item.

Each section can be expanded or collapsed with the “+” and “-“ buttons located on the right side of the section. This action allows viewing of the fields when editing is required.  Collapsing the section hides the fields and increases the viewable screen area.

Dropdown Menus

The following menus can be accessed in the top right corner:

  • Navigator dropdown — clicking the green icon displays a list of available sections and fields in a dropdown list. Making a selection from this list will move the screen to the corresponding area.  This is most helpful when there are many expanded sections open.
  • Language dropdown — click the Flag icon for the desired language dropdown list to access that language. This is applicable for multilingual sites.
  • Versioning icon — click the blue numbered box to display a window containing information on existing versions of the page. The number inside the blue box indicates the number of versions currently available.

Editing Pane Screenshot

Validation Bar

The column on the right of the Content Editing Pane contains colored boxes that constitute the validation bar. This area will display issues related to a specific item including warning and errors at the field level. The colors represent the following status:

  • Green square — no warnings or errors found
  • Yellow square — warnings found 
  • Red square — errors found 

Warning Boxes

The first section in the editing pane contains the display name of the item, followed by any warnings in yellow boxes. These warning are helpful in identifying the status of the page (locked/unlocked) and the publishing process (version/workflow step).