Logging into Sitecore

Supported Web Browsers

Sitecore is a browser-based application, which means you will not need any special software installed on your computer to use it other than a Web browser.

To ensure stability and functionality, please use one of the following supported web browsers. For best results, use the most current version.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and later
  • Google Chrome 5 and later
  • Apple Safari 5 and later

Logging In

You must login to Sitecore before you can edit any of the content on your school’s website. If you are working in Sitecore off-campus (ie, at home), you will need to log into the Tufts VPN (Virtual Private Network) first.

  1. Go to Sitecore login page using URL (website address) you received from Tufts Technology Services. The screen should display “Welcome to OASYS” and have two input fields — one for “User name” and one for “Password.”

    Sitecore login page

  2. Enter your user name. Type "tufts\" and your UTLN name into the “User name” input box. For example, "tufts\jsmith01."

  3. Enter your password. Type your UTLN password into the “Password” input box.

  4. If you choose to click “remember me,” the computer you are currently using will pre-populate your information into the User name and Password fields the next time you log into Sitecore. Don't click "remember me" if you are on a public computer.

  5. Select Desktop user interface so you can tab between Content Editor, Media Library and Workbox. Click on the word "Option" in red below the “User name” and “Password” boxes and select "Desktop," if not already highlighted. The user interface language should be set at "Default".