Sitecore offers users a number of options, which are organized into categories in tabs at the top of the ribbon. Browse the sections below to learn more about each tab on the Sitecore ribbon.

At the far left there is a red Sitecore button, and underneath it, the Save button, which remains constant independent of the tab selected. Use the red Sitecore button to sign out of the application.

Ribbon Structure

Tabs — the interface contains Tabs at the top of the ribbon.

Ribbon Interface Tabs Screenshot

Groups — each Tab is divided into Groups labeled in white text along the bottom of the ribbon.

Ribbon Interface Groups Screenshot

Commands — each Group is further subdivided into Commands for each individual action.

Ribbon Interface Commands Screenshot

Ribbon Tabs

The ribbon structure contains the following Tabs at the top of the ribbon.

The Home tab features commands for creating, editing and otherwise manipulating pages.

Ribbon Home Screenshot

Edit displays the workflow state of the currently selected page, opens a page for editing, and allows the page to be checked-in.

Insert allows creation of a new page. The up and down button arrows in this section allow access to a dropdown menu of templates. In the content tree, navigate to the desired parent page, and then click the template to be inserted.

Operations contains several functions:

  • Duplicate the page selected
  • Copy a page to another location
  • Move a page to another location
  • Delete removes a page

    (Note: Copy and Move commands will display a menu to copy or move a page from one location in the tree to another location.)

Clipboard contains standard cut, copy and paste commands.

Rename changes the title of a selected page, or changes the display name in the content tree. A page can have two different names, one for the content tree display, and another for its actual title. Only page name can contain punctuation.

Sorting allows pages to be moved up and down in the content tree, or directly to the first place or last place in a given section.