Sitecore offers users a number of options, which are organized into categories in tabs at the top of the ribbon. Browse the sections below to learn more about each tab on the Sitecore ribbon.

At the far left there is a red Sitecore button, and underneath it, the Save button, which remains constant independent of the tab selected. Use the red Sitecore button to sign out of the application.

Ribbon Structure

Tabs — the interface contains Tabs at the top of the ribbon.

Ribbon Interface Tabs Screenshot

Groups — each Tab is divided into Groups labeled in white text along the bottom of the ribbon.

Ribbon Interface Groups Screenshot

Commands — each Group is further subdivided into Commands for each individual action.

Ribbon Interface Commands Screenshot

Ribbon Tabs

The ribbon structure contains the following Tabs at the top of the ribbon.

The Review tab features many helpful commands for frequent editors.

Ribbon Review Screenshot

Proofing commands include a spell check feature, markup view displayed as side-by-side versions of edits to pages, an HTML validator, and an RSS feed option, which allows creation of an RSS feed out of any page.

Locks displays all the items or pages currently selected, or locked for editing.

Workflow displays the state of the selected item, and features the commands for publishing via the workflow process.  Steps in workflow process include:

  • Edit — Select the edit command to work on a page.  This means a page is locked or "checked out" for editing by the current user.  When the "edit" icon is selected, it will be replaced by the "Check In" icon.
  • Check In — Once editing is completed, the page must be checked in for publishing.  This means the page is now accessible by other users, and is also ready to be submitted for publication.
  • Submit — Submits an item for approval, allowing an editor to pass on a comment to the next editor in the workflow process.  The comment field can be left blank by clicking the “OK” button.

History tracks the workflow history of a select item.

Schedule allows reminders to be set for publication and scheduled page archiving.