Sitecore Editing FAQ

How do I change the order of pages?
  1. Select the page to be moved
  2. Go to Ribbon -> Home tab -> Sorting Group
  3. Click the appropriate arrow:
    • Up — will move a page up one place in the Content Tree
    • Down — will move a page down one place in the Content Tree
    • First — will move a page to the first place in the current section of the Content Tree
    • Last — will move a page to the last place in the current section of the Content Tree

Why don’t I see all the Ribbon options?

Ribbon tabs, groups, and commands will vary based on the users' role.

How do I preview a page before publishing?
  1. Make the desired edits and click the Accept button in the Rich Text Editor
  2. Go to Ribbon -> Home tab -> Write Group -> click the Save icon
  3. Go to Ribbon -> Publish tab -> Publish Group -> click the Preview icon
  4. This will render the page in a new window showing what it will look like on the live site
  5. After reviewing the page, close the window and return to Sitecore

How do I compare versions of a page?
  1. Select the page
  2. Go to Ribbon -> Version tab -> Versions Group -> click the Compare icon
  3. Click the two-column button at the top left
  4. The left column displays the current version, the right column displays the most recent past version
  5. The page content differences will be marked by colored text

How to check out (lock) and check in (unlock) a page?

Sitecore assigns the same meaning to the words “lock”, “edit” and “check out”.

To unlock a page follow one of the methods:

  • Method #1: In the Content section, click Lock and Edit at the top of the page
  • Method #2: Go to Ribbon -> Review tab -> Workflow Group > click the Edit icon

To unlock one or more pages at once follow these steps:

  1. Go to Ribbon -> Review tab -> Locks Group -> click the My Items icon
  2. The My Items window lists the pages that are currently checked out
  3. Select the page to unlock and click the Unlock button at the bottom left of the window or click the Unlock All button to check in all of the pages simultaneously
  4. Click the Close button at the bottom right of the window to close the My Items window

How do I unpublish a page?

Unpublishing a page will prevent it from displaying on the website. Conversely, because it was not deleted, republishing a page will display it on the site. Note that if a parent page contains a “+” next to it in the Content Tree, the pages contained beneath it will also be hidden.

Hide a page on the website:

  1. Select the page to be hidden
  2. In the Content section, click Lock and Edit at the top of the page
  3. Go to Ribbon -> Publish tab -> Restrictions Group -> click the Change icon
  4. The Publishing Settings widow will display
  5. Click the Item tab near the top left of the window
  6. Click the check box labeled Publishable (this will uncheck or deselect the box)
  7. Click the OK at the bottom right of the window
  8. Publish the page
  9. Several warning messages will display within the Warning section of the Content Tab:
    • “This items will never be published because its “Publishable option is disabled.”
    • If published new, the selected version will not be visible on the Web site.

What is the difference between a page name and a page title?

A page name can be different from a page title.

Page Name

  • Appear in the URL address
  • Can be modified in the Content Tree
  • Should only be one or two words
  • May not contain special character
  • Displays under search engine results title

Page Title

  • Appear in the navigation
  • Can be modified in the Content Section -> Title field
  • May have multiples words
  • May contain special character
  • Displays as search engine results title

What are the different publishing options?
  • In the Publisher and Administrator roles there are several different types of publishing options that enable finer control of the process:
    • Incremental Publish – publishes only changed items from the publishing queue
    • Smart Publish - compares items between master and target database and publishes only items with differing Revision ID field value
    • Republish - publishes everything again
  • In all options and user roles, publishing copies only “publishable” item versions and also removes deleted and “expired” items from the target database

How do I paste copied text without formatting?
  • Copy the text from the original source (text file, email, Web site, etc.)
  • Paste into a Microsoft Word document using the Paste Special command under the Edit Menu or use the keystroke combination Control+Command+V (Mac), or Control+Alt+V (PC)
  • In the dialog box select Unformatted or Plain text
  • Recopy the unformatted text from the Word doc
  • Open the Body copy editor on the page that you want to paste the text
  • Click to place your cursor where you want in the text to be pasted
  • Paste into the window

How do I fix text-formatting issues?
  • In the Rich Text editor window highlight the text you want to change
  • Click the down arrow beside the styles box in the toolbar
  • Select Normal in the dropdown menu
  • Click accept

How do I single space between lines?

Sitecore creates a new paragraph (two carriage returns) by default when the return key is pressed. For a single carriage return between page elements use the following keystroke combinations:

  • Control+Enter (PC)
  • Shift+Control+Enter (Mac)

Should I upload from the Content Editor or the Media Library?
  • Either method is acceptable
  • However, uploading directly to the media library is generally easier and less confusing because the content would have to be approved and published in any case

When should I use a microsite?
  • When it's an entirely new organization or department
  • If it's a new conference, a new microsite can be used, but should still exist under the existing department

How many versions of files does Sitecore retain?
  • The versioning feature archives the last 10 saves

How do I identify where my content lives?
  • The URL of the page is a direct breadcrumb to where your page lives
  • The content between each slash represents an item in the Content Tree (parent) and the next item that lives beneath it (child)

How do I change font style and size?

The only font size change allowed in the main content area is the subscript and superscript. The templates have been created to give a uniform look and feel to the website.

Is it possible to change font color?
No. The templates have been created to give a uniform look and feel to the website.
Is there a way to reduce the spacing of items in the sidebar?

Use the HTML and delete <p> (paragraph)