Pages | Versioning

A new version of each page is created upon publication.  Up to ten versions will be stored and remain accessible for review and comparison.  This allows the user to view or revert back to a prior iteration of the page.

View the Versions List

There are two methods to view the versions list:

  • Under the Versions tab in the Version group, click the dropdown arrow next to the Versions command to display the list. 
Versions List Screenshot
  • In the Content Pane, click the small blue box with a number (representing the number of versions) within the white tab to the right of the page.  This will also display a list containing existing versions of the currently selected page.  

Versions List Screenshot

Compare Versions

To compare the content of versioned pages click the Compare icon under the Versions tab in the ribbon.  This will display a window that contains two tabs labeled One Column or Two Colmun.  In the two dropdown lists select which page versions to compare.

Compare Versions Screenshot