Web Standards & Policies

In general, the TUSM website uses Associated Press (AP) style. TUSM administration, faculty and students have access to the Online AP Style Book via the Hirsh Health Sciences Library.

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Follow these best practices to ensure that people will have an easier time finding information on the website and improve search engine optimization.

Accessibility techniques increase the findability of web pages by exposing content to search engines, both internally (within a website) and externally (across the World Wide Web). There is much evidence that suggests that accessibility not only supports high search engine rankings, but that Google may actually favor pages that have strong implementations of accessibility. This is, of course, difficult to prove. Good accessibility and good search engine optimization is a great combination for content authors and end users. The list of accessibility and SEO practices that are closely in alignment include:

You may check your work using a validator such as the W3C Markup Validation Service. Style sheets can be validated using the W3C CSS Validation Service.