Term Scholarship

A term scholarship is established for a set number of years and is funded each year by a gift of $15,000 or more, which is then distributed as a scholarship award. A term scholarship may last for a single year, or several—it’s up to you. You may fund a quarter-tuition award with $15,000, or half-tuition for a gift of $30,000. We are happy to talk with you about the options and other term scholarships created by donors just like you for the School of Medicine.

Creating a term scholarship is a simple process:

You make an outright gift of $15,000 or more to fund the scholarship.

As with any gift to the annual fund, you may use cash or securities fund your gift. We are always happy to talk with you and your advisors about the assets that will be most advantageous to you.

A gift agreement is created to describe your scholarship.

This document includes the name and terms of your scholarship, and other particulars such as how Tufts will recognize your generosity. Unrestricted scholarships allow us to distribute support to the most deserving students each year, and provide the greatest flexibility in planning.

You are notified when the first recipient of your scholarship is selected.

We will keep you informed each year about the student or students who receive your scholarship. If you are interested, we would be happy to provide opportunities for you to meet your scholarship recipient, and to celebrate your generosity and its impact.  Alternatively, you may make your gift anonymously.

Photo of Tess Jasinski, A09, M14 and Ken Levitsky, M86
Tess Jasinski, A09, M14 and Ken Levitsky, M86

Ken Levistky, M86, experience a memorable mix of déjà vu and catharsis one day in 1988. It was early in his orthopedic residency at what is now Tufts Medical Center, two years after graduating from TUSM. Walking up the stairs at his medical alma mater, he got "a really good feeling just being there," realizing that it was because of TUSM that he was now a doctor. "That little moment has stuck with me for the longest time," says Levistky, an orthopedic surgeon in a multi-specialty orthopedic practice in norther New Jersey.

"Being a doctor defines me greatly," he explains. "I get tremendous personal satisfaction from being a physician, taking care of emergency patients who need care, being a team doctor for a local high school, and changing people's lives by putting their bones back together."

Feeling a debt of gratitude to the medical school that launched his career as well as his identity, Levitsky recently decided to step up his support of TUSM. A firm believer that "higher education is our future," Levitsky recognizes that "tuition aid is TUSM's true need... and a perfect fit" for him. With that i mind, he established a term scholarship to provide financial aid to one or more students for a specific time perios. "I felt good about [making the gift] to begin with," says Levitsky. "After meeting Tess, I feel great about it."

Measures of Gratitude

Mathew Ross, A38, M42, A70P, M74P leaves behind a remarkable legacy.

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