Endowed Funds

Graph showing endowment performance between FY01 and FY14 

Through its donors, Tufts University School of Medicine has established a plethora of endowed funds, supporting anything from financial aid to faculty research.  Link your name to Tufts University School of Medicine and establish a legacy that will endure for many years.

Below is a list of all of our current named endowed funds.

Endowed Hirsh Health Sciences Library and Book Funds

Harold H. Berman Book Fund

Harriet E. Chalmers Fund

Michael and Sabina Chasin Book Fund

Dr. Ralph and Beatrice F. Heifetz Fund

Charles Kent Book Fund

The Milliken Book Fund

Gordon M. Morrison Book Fund

George I. Solish, M.D., Ph.D., Genetics Endowed Book Fund

A. Warren Stearns Jr. Fund

Annie E. Taft Fund

Dorothy Read Wood, M1927 Book Fund

Endowed and Named Lectureships

Earle P. Charlton Lectureship

Brian Filon Memorial Lecture Fund

John T. Harrington, M.D., Lecture Series on Medical Education

Jeffrey M. Isner, M.D., Endowed Memorial Lectureship

Dr. Louis Lasagna Lectureship

Dr. Sidney Leskowitz Lectureship Fund

Harold Lieberman Memorial Fund

George W. Mitchell Jr., M.D., Society Lectureship

Joseph H. Nicholson, M.D., Lecture

Gerhard Schmidt Memorial Lecture Fund

William Shucart Lectureship Fund

Dr. Arthur Thibodeau Lectureship

Dr. Louis Weinstein Lectureship

Endowed Prize Funds

Dr. Mark Aisner Fund for Physical Diagnosis

Dr. John T. Batal Prize Fund

Murray Reid Blair, Jr. Founder's Endowed Prize for Excellence in Translational Research

Worth F. Bloom M25 Prize Fund

Harry H. Brenner M33 Memorial Fund

Charles and Jane Brusch Prize Fund

Clinical Education Fund—Outstanding Core Clerkship Director Award

William Dameshek Award in Internal Medicine

William Dameshek Award in Undergraduate Research

Dublin Prize in Ophthalmology

Milton Greenblatt Award Fund

Dr. Marc and Diane Homer Award

George L. Howland Prize Award in Anatomy

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Inserra Prize Fund

C. William Kaiser, M.D., FACS, FRCS (C) Prize

David L. Kasdon Prize Fund in Neurosurgery

Norman I. and Susan G. Krinsky Award for Excellence in Basic Science Teaching

Leon Levinson Prize in Physiology

Lasagna Student Award in Translational Research

Martin J. Loeb Memorial Fund

Medical Class of 1928 Award in Anatomy

Dr. Jack Mitus Special Faculty Recognition Award

Mildred A. Myerson Scholarship Fund

David F. Noonan Research Fellowship

Ethel and Reuben M34 Russman Prize Fund in Geriatrics

Philip E. Sheridan, M.D. Prize

Upjohn Prize in Pharmacology

Philip E. Sheridan, M.D., Prize

Stohlman Student Research Awards

Neville Stone Prize Fund

Louis B. Weinstein Prize

Dr. Toby Wesselhoeft Family Medicine Award for Clinical Excellence, Compassion and Service

Zarren Family Prize Fund

Zeke Zimbler Prize Fund

Milton O. Zucker, M.D., F.A.C.S. and Natalie V. Zucker Award

Zucker Clinical Teaching Faculty Award

Zucker Family Prize

Endowed Professorships

American Cancer Society (Massachusetts Division) Professorship in Molecular Biology

Benjamin Andrews Chair in Surgery

Harvey B. Ansell Professor of Dermatology

Dr. Frances Arkin Chair in Psychiatry

Dr. Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Professorship in Metabolism and Nutrition

Henry H. Banks Chair in Orthopedic Surgery

George A. Bates Professorship of Histology

Jane F. Desforges Chair in Hematology/Oncology

Louisa C. Endicott Professor of Medicine

Alice Ettinger-Dreyfuss Chair in Radiology

Dr. Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman Professor of Medicine

The Annetta and Gustav Grisard Professorship in Neuroscience

Jaharis Family Chair in Family Medicine

Sara Murray Jordan Professorship in Medicine

David and Leona F. Karp Professor of Pediatrics

Louis Lasagna, M.D., Professorship

Morton A. Madoff, M.D., M.P.H., Chair in Public Health and Community Medicine

Elisa Kent Mendelsohn Professorship in Molecular Cardiology

Louis E. Phaneuf Teaching and Research Professorship in Gynecology

Maurice Segal Professor of Medicine at St. Elizabeth's Hospital

Arthur E. Spiller, M.D., Professorship

Charles M. Whitney Clinical Professor in Urology

Sheldon M. Wolff Professorship in the Department of Medicine

Natalie V. Zucker and Milton O. Zucker, M.D., Professor in Rheumatology/Immunology

Natalie V. Zucker Professorship

Endowed Scholarship and Fellowship Funds

Anonymous (1)

Alfred N. Aborjaily, M.D., Scholarship Fund

Carole E. Allen, M.D., M71 Scholarship Fund

American Medical Association Foundation Scholarship

Dr. Joseph Anton Scholarship Fund

Florence G. Anzuoni Endowed Scholarship Fund

Arrigg Family Foundation Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Artale, M32, Scholarship Fund

Dr. David S. and Deloris Ascher Scholarship Fund

Elaynne and Francis A. Avola Scholarship Fund

Judith R. and Henry H. Banks, M.D., Scholarship Fund

William A. Barnstead Sr. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Bate Family Scholarship

Karl T. and Daisy M. Benedict Endowed Scholarship Fund for the School of Medicine

Noe N. Benoit Scholarship FundDr. Benjamin Berkowitz Family Scholarship

Dr. Charles and Jeanelle Beskin Endowed Scholarship Fund

Richard A. and Elaine Kotell Binder Endowed Scholarship Fund

William Bingham II Scholarship Fund

Robert A., M69, and Joan S. Blackman Foundation Scholarship

Dr. Myer and Anna Bloom Scholarship Fund

Dr. Worth F. Bloom Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kenneth and Phyllis Blotner Scholarship Fund

Board of Advisors Scholarship Fund

Sarah A. Bond Scholarship Fund

Isabella F. Borden Memorial Fund

Dr. Hermon Carey Bumpus Scholarship Fund at the Tufts University School of Medicine

Lauro F. Cavazos Scholarship Fund

Curtis L. Cetrulo Sr., M.D., Curtis L. Cetrulo Jr., M.D., M99, and Lawrence Nicholas Cetrulo, M.D., M12, Scholarship Fund

James Chang, M.D., M68 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Paul and Elaine Chervinsky Endowed Scholarship Fund

Forrester A. Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund

Clough Family Scholarship Fund

Eunice and Julian Cohen Scholarship Fund

Colagiovanni Family Scholarship Fund

Dr. Edward R. Comstock Scholarship Fund

Loring Conant Jr., M.D., M65 and the Reverend Louise R. Conant Scholarship Fund

Charles "Skip" and Ursula Cox Endowed Medical Scholarship Fund

Arthur and Ada Crampton Endowed Scholarship

Joseph and Eleanor Cremone Centennial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Loretta Joy Cummins Scholarship Fund

Curran Family Scholarship Fund

Donald L. Cusson, M.D., Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

D'Ambrosio Family Scholarship Fund

DeLellis Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Lucy and Salvatore A. DeLuca, M.D., Scholarship Fund

J. Charles Drooker, M.D., M33, Scholarship Fund

Florence W. Duckering Scholarship

Adiamandia L. Eliopoulos Scholarship Fund

Dr. K. Gregory Elliot Scholarship

William A. Elliot, M.D., M56, Scholarship Fund

Fava Scholarship Fund at the Medical School

Joseph Fischmann Memorial Scholarship Fund

The David A. and Sara K. Follett Endowed Scholarship Fund

Song-Hi An-Foraker, M.D., and Alvan G. Foraker, M.D., Scholarship Fund in Pathology

Joseph F. Ford Scholarship Fund

Garber Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Richard C. and Valerie Gardner Scholarship Fund

Giblin Scholarship in Memory of Dr. Helen Warner, M17

Glassman Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Gleason Family Scholarship Fund

Dr. Harry S. Glick Scholarship Fund

Goldbaum Scholarship Fund

Merrill M. Goldstein, M.D., Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sherwood L. Gorbach, M.D., M62, Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Edward T. and Claire Gordon and Family Scholarship Fund

Albert G. Gosselin, M53, Scholarship Fund

Granieri Scholarship

R and M Frost Hanny Psychiatry Fund

Dr. John T. Harissis Memorial Scholarship Fund

Columbus W. Harrison, M.D., Scholarship Fund

Dr. Charles Hayden Memorial Scholarship Fund

David S. Hays Family Scholarship Fund

Health Equity Scholarship Fund

S. Marvin Herbert, M.D., Scholarship Fund

C. A. Herrick Scholarship Fund

Hickey-Peyton Travelling Fellow Program

Samuel W. Ho, M.D., M76 Scholarship Fund

Charles H. Hood Foundation Scholarship Fund

Dr. Elwood Horne Scholarship

Drs. Abraham and Bluma Horwitz Scholarship Fund

Dorothy P. Hosmer Scholarship Fund

Harry Rollins Houston, M.D., M55, Endowed Scholarship Fund

Howard Family Scholarship

Mario and Frances Iacono Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jaharis Challenge Berman Scholarship Fund

Jaharis Challenge Kaplan Scholarship Fund

Jaharis Challenge Krasner Scholarship Fund

Jaharis Challenge Pastor Scholarship Fund

Jaharis Challenge Rockel Scholarship Fund

Jaharis Challenge Rosenblatt-Bialer Scholarship Fund

Jaharis Challenge Tauber Scholarship Fund

Jaharis Challenge Wohlgemuth Scholarship Fund

Jaharis Family Loan Reduction Scholarship for Family Medicine

Jaharis Family Scholarship Fund

Irene R. Kandzie Endowment Scholarship Fund

Dr. Diwan Singh Kalepani Scholarship Fund

Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation Scholarship Fund in Honor of Mark R. Belsky, M.D., M74

Dr. David Karp, M34, Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. David and Leona Karp Scholarship Fund

Robert I. Katz, M.D., Scholarship Fund

Minnie and Joseph, M33, Kirsner Endowed Scholarship Fund

Frank H. Lahey Scholarship Fund

Glen K. Lau, M.D., M73, Endowed Scholarship Fund

Levitsky Family Scholarship Fund

Hersh and Libby Libo Endowed Scholarship Fund

Beth O. Linder and Bernice P. Solish Scholarship Fund

Joseph and Adele Lipton Scholarship Fund

Abraham H. and Gertrude Cone Litchman Charitable Trust

M58 Endowed Scholarship Fund

M83 Scholarship Fund

H. Edward MacMahon Scholarship Fund

The Morton A. Madoff, M.D., M.P.H., Public Health Endowed Fellowship

Dr. John J. Magee and Margaret C. McManamy Scholarship Fund

Dr. Eleanore G. Marchand Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. John A. Maroney Endowed Scholarship Fund for the School of Medicine

Myron W. Marr, M.D., Scholarship Fund

Sharon L. Marshall, M.D., Ph.D. Scholarship Fund

Charles F. and Kathleen McCarthy Scholarship Fund

The Philip E. McCarthy, M.D., M59 and Jean M. McCarthy, M97P, M97P Scholarship Fund

Medical Student Aid Association Scholarship Fund

Dr. Eliza Melkon Memorial Fund

George W. Merck Memorial Scholarship

Charles E. Merrill Scholarship Fund

Mezer Family Scholarship Fund

Miller Family Fund

Dr. J. Vernon and Florence A. Muir Scholarship Fund

Richard T. Mulvanity Scholarship Fund

Governor Francis P. Murphy Scholarship Fund at the School of Medicine

Edward A. Nalebuff Scholarship Fund

Patricia and Kenneth Nanian, M53, A88P, Scholarship

Newman Family Scholarship

David F. Noonan Fund

Timothy O’Connor, M.D., M72, M12P and Helen O’Connor, M12P Scholarship Fund

Dr. Austin F. and Patricia O'Malley Scholarship Fund

Dr. Carl S. and Arlene W. Oakman Financial Aid Fund

Michael Och, M.D., M57, Family Scholarship

Thomas H. Palmer, M.D., and Mary Ellen Palmer Endowed Scholarship Fund

Alexander Papamarkou/Prince of Wales Medical Scholarship and Fellowship Fund

Caroline Park, A03, M11 and Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Julius Pinkus Scholarship for Medical Students

Vivian W. Pinn, M.D., Scholarship Fund

Plaut Family Scholarship

Adolph F. and Alice M. Ponte Scholarship Fund

The Powell Family Scholarship Fund

Charles J. Preefer, M.D., and Beatrice B. Preefer Scholarship

Olive Cooper Pryor Scholarship Fund

Anna and Eva Reinauer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Richard A. Reines, M.D., A71, M76 Medical Scholarship Fund

Bruce N. Reynolds, M.D., M85 & Carolyn and Howard Zimring, M.D., M85 Trust Scholarship Fund

Elizabeth A. Riley Scholarship Fund

George Robertson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Milton H. Rodofsky Scholarship Fund

James Timothy Rood and Miss Clara B. Rood Scholarship Fund

Dr. Garson M. and Sadye F. Rosenblum Scholarship Fund

Naomi Rosenberg, Ph.D. and Morton B. Rosenberg, D.M.D., D74 Fellowship

Mathew Ross, M.D., and Brenda Ross, Ed.D., Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Mathew Ross and Brenda Ross, Ed.D., Trust Scholarship Fund

Stephen Gainsforth Rothwell Scholarship Fund

Esther A. and Miah H. Rovner, M.D., Endowed Scholarship

Baruch J. Sachs Scholarship Fund

Benjamin Sachs Scholarship Fund

Sannella Scholarship Fund

Nicholas and E. Scarcello Scholarship Fund

Victor and Alice Schiesske Endowed Scholarship Fund

Schneider Family Medical Scholarship Fund

Robert Schwartz, M.D., Scholarship

Benjamin L. Shapero, M.D., Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Gilbert L. and Frima Goldman Shapiro Scholarship Fund

Ned and Emily Sherwood Family Foundation Scholarship Fund

Louis Shuster, Ph.D., Scholarship Fund

Harry Z. Silverman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Arthur Eliot Spiller Scholarship Fund

Dr. Jacob and Rose Spitz Endowed Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. J. Spiva Scholarship Fund

Janell and Paul St. Amand, A48, M52, Scholarship Fund

B. David Stollar Scholarship Fund

Barbara Wiard Streeten Endowed Fund

Dr. Elliot W. and Marjorie Strong Endowed Scholarship Fund

K. Summerfield Student Aid Fund

Dr. John D. Sweeney Scholarship Fund

Harold Taber Scholarship Fund

Dr. Alfred and Frances Taricco Endowed Scholarship

Tauber Family Foundation Scholarship

Emanuel and Mathilda Terner Scholarship Fund

Charles P. Thayer Scholarship Fund

Arthur A. Thibodeau, M.D., Scholarship Fund

Alton P. Thomas, M.D., Endowed Fund

Windsor Ting, M.D., M79 and Mary Louise Keohan, M.D. Scholarship Fund

Tratt Family Scholarship Fund

Edith Rieva and Hyman S. Trilling Scholarship Fund

Chaim and Rieva Trilling Society of Fellows

Tufts Medical Alumni Scholarship Fund

Tufts Medical Center Physicians Scholarship Fund

Tufts University School of Medicine Alumni Maine Track Scholarship

Joseph and Frances Uricchio Scholarship Fund

M. and A. Walsh Scholarship Fund

Joseph B. Webber, M19, and Banice M. Webber, M47, Scholarship Fund

E. David and Anita Weinstein Endowed Scholarship Fund

Leo S. Weinstein Scholarship

Meyer T. Weissman, M31, Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kenneth Wellner Scholarship Fund

Dr. Anthony J. and Frances West Memorial Scholarship Fund

Clara S. Whitney Scholarship Fund

Laura R. Whitney Scholarship Fund

Mary H. Whitney Scholarship Fund

Louis, E20, and Lillian Wolk Scholarship Fund

Dr. Milton O. and Natalie V. Zucker Scholarship Fund

Non-endowed Term Scholarship Funds

American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr. David S. and Deloris Ascher Scholarship Fund

The Bingham Scholarship - Maine Track

Bingham Trust Service Scholars Scholarship

Loring Conant Jr., M.D., M65 and the Reverend Louise R. Conant Scholarship

Sherry Fanti, A17P and David R. Fanti, M.D., A80, M84, A17P Scholarship Fund

Finch-Sedor Family Scholarship

Richard E. Frates, M.D., M55 Fellowship

The Fund for Tufts Medicine Scholarship

The John T. Harrington, M.D., Scholarship

Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation Term Scholarship

Patricia F. Osgood Fund in Pain Research, Education and Policy

Physician Assistant Program Scholarship

The Elwood R. Quesada Scholarship Fund – Maine Track

The Dr. Everett Rosen and Ruth E. Rosen Term Scholarship

Teaching Research and other Endowed Funds

Murray Benson, M29, and William Barwess Student Emergency Fund

Harris A. Berman, M.D., and Ruth E. Nemzoff Endowed Fund

Dorothy Todd Bishop Endowed Research Fund

Bourne Memorial Fund

Dr. Richard Robert and Sally Ann Budgell Jackson Endowment Fund

Barbara L. Carter, M.D., and Jeffrey P. Moore, M.D., Endowed Teaching and Research Fund in Otolaryngology

Barbara L. Carter, M.D., and Jeffrey P. Moore, M.D., Endowed Teaching and Research Fund in Radiology

Fook Pui Chan Endowed Pathology Grant Fund

Earle P. Charlton Fund

Dr. Werner Chasin Endowment Fund

Elizabeth DeBlois Charitable Trust

Paul H. Doleman Memorial Endowed Fund

Dr. Eli A. and Irma F. Etscovitz Fund

Fund for Ophthalmology Leadership

Joseph H. Giesen Endowment Fund for the School of Medicine Orthopedic Department

Sherwood L. Gorbach, M.D., M62, Endowed Research Fund

Herbert J. Hulse Memorial Fund

Kasdon Neuroscience Research Fund

Robert Kennison Fund for Medical Education

Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Teaching Fund

Lalor-Rozan Family Fund

Samuel Levine, M.D., Fund for the TUSM Department of Surgery

Abram M. London Fund

Middlesex District Medical Society Endowed Student Emergency Fund

Alan H. Robbins, M.D., Teaching Fund for Clinical Excellence

Romanoff Medical Research Fund

Stephen and Marie Rozan Research Fund

Russo Collaborative Research Grants

Sackler Families Collaborative Fund for Cancer Biology Research

Raymond and Beverly Sackler Laboratory for the Convergence of Biomedical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences

Richard S. Sackler, M.D., Endowed Research Fund

S. Alan Savitz Endowed Dean's Opportunity Fund

Scheer-Tomasso Fund

Shader Family Research and Teaching Fund

Dr. William Solomon and Esther E. Altman Teaching and Research Fund

Stohlman Student Research Awards

Neville Stone Fund

John F. Sullivan, M.D., Teaching Fund in Neurology

Joseph Tabrisky, M.D. and Phyllis P. Tabrisky, M.D. Endowed Research Fund

Dr. R. Nuran Turksoy-Marcus and Dr. Elliott M. Marcus Endowed Research Fund

Mauray and Dorothy Tye Endowment Fund

Warren Widrich, M.D., Teaching and Research Fund

Harold Williams, M.D.—LL.D. Fund

Natalie V. Zucker Research Center for Women Scholars

Tufts Medical Alumni Scholarship Fund and Private Endowment Trusts

Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Aborjaily, M53, Scholarship Fund

Frances S. Arkin, M29, Scholarship Fund

Dr. Fred and Emily Arrigg and Family Scholarship Fund

David Ascher, M38, Scholarship Fund

Mary R. and Marcus W. Berman, M33, Scholarship Fund

Stephen J. Camer, M65, Scholarship Fund

William H. Caverly, M53, Scholarship Fund

Lester L. Covell, A34, M38, Scholarship Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Francis A. D'Ambrosio, M45, Scholarship Fund

Elias C. Dow, M53, Scholarship Fund

J. Charles Drooker, M33, Scholarship Fund

Emil Ferris, M46, Scholarship Fund

John J. Finn, M41, Scholarship Fund

Ronald E. Finn, M52, Scholarship Fund

Louvane Fox, M37, Scholarship Fund

Dr. Albert G. and Laura A. Gosselin Fund

Joseph S. Gryboski, M45, Scholarship Fund

Jolma Family Scholarship Fund

Louis Keller, M26, Scholarship Fund

Benjamin Leavitt, M29, Scholarship Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Macoul, M65, Scholarship Fund

George Marina, M75, Medical Alumni Scholarship

Dr. Paul and Charlotte Massik Scholarship Fund

Mary Jo Nugent, M89, Scholarship Fund

Dr. Walter J. Pacosa Scholarship Fund

Allan S. Rosen, M75, and Elizabeth G. Rosen, M.D., Scholarship Fund

Mathew Ross, M42, Scholarship Fund

Julius Shubert, M18, Alice Jordan Shubert, M41, and William Moses Shubert, M41, Scholarship Fund

Robert Spath, M68, Scholarship Fund

Dr. Arthur P. and Mary Sullivan, M43, Scholarship Fund

Salvatore R. Traina, M42, Scholarship Fund

Professor Foster L. Vibber, M29, Scholarship Fund