Grateful Patient Program

A female medical student listens to a patient's heartbeat in the Obstetrics and Gynecology department at Tufts Medical Center

When your patients ask how they can thank you, think of Tufts. Share our Grateful Patient Brochure (PDF), which can be personalized with your name, and let them know that Tufts University School of Medicine helped you become the physician you are today. Tufts trains thousands of physicians to deliver compassionate, highly-skilled care, just like you provide for your patients.

If a patient is inclined to thank you, suggest that they make a gift to Tufts University School of Medicine in your honor. Grateful patient gifts provide scholarship support for new doctors—physicians-in-training, who are receiving the same high-caliber medical education you received and who will continue to deliver top medical care for generations to come.

Help continue Tufts' commitment to compassion by providing the Grateful Patient Brochure in your office. Please call 617.636.6770 or email for more information and to request personalized copies of the brochure.