Maximum time to degree

Maximum Time for the M.D. Degree

The standard time frame for completion of requirements for the M.D. degree is four academic years. Due to academic or personal difficulties or approved academic enrichment activities, a student may require additional time.


To be making satisfactory academic progress, a student must complete the pre-clerkship phase of the curriculum within a three academic years. Students must also complete the clinical phase of the curriculum within three academic years. The student can, therefore, be expected to receive the M.D. degree within a six-year period, excluding approved leaves of absence and/or participation in the Research Concentration Program or Active Citizenship Program.


The maximum time permitted for completion of the M.D. degree excluding approved leaves or other approved academic experiences is six academic years.


Leave of Absence and Maximum Time for the M.D. Degree

A student may be granted a leave of absence, of not more than one year, for a variety of reasons. The approved period of leave is excluded from the maximum time frame in which a student must complete all degree requirements. However, a student will not be allowed to take more than 8 years (10 years for MD/PhD students) from the time of matriculation to complete the requirements for the M.D. degree, inclusive of leaves of absence.