Transfer Policy

Transferring from TUSM

Students considering transferring to other medical schools should meet with either the Dean for Students or the Associate Dean for Students for advice on their application, clinical scheduling and tuition implications. Transfers to other medical schools are obtained depending upon the availability of space. Consideration is given to the student's prior academic performance, and to the personal need for the student to move to a particular city or geographical area, i.e. spouses who are separated, family problems, etc. It is easier to transfer into the third year of another medical school than into the second year, although both are available on a very limited basis. Students who transfer out of Tufts University School of Medicine are expected to pay for any courses or rotation or portion of courses or a rotation they take at TUSM prior to withdrawal.

Transferring into TUSM

Depending on availability of space and curriculum requirements, students may be accepted as a transfer student into TUSM at the beginning of second or third years. Students accepted for transfer into the second year are required to pay 6 semesters of full tuition. Students accepted for transfer into the third year are limited to the remaining schedule options from the third year scheduling system and are required to pay 4 semesters of full tuition.