Tuition Requirement and Charging Policy

Tufts University School of Medicine tuition rates are adjusted annually. Tuition is billed by semester. A minimum of eight semesters of full tuition is required for the M.D. degree.

Students who opt to extend their length of time in the M.D. program by participating in the Research Concentration Program (RCP) or the Active Citizenship Program (ACP) will be assessed the Continuation Fee for the semester(s) that they are in the RCP or ACP program. Full tuition will be assessed in subsequent semesters up until 8 semesters of full tuition are collected.

Students who are required by the Student Ethics and Promotions Committee to remediate coursework or clerkships that will require them to be enrolled for a total of more than 8 semesters to complete degree requirements will be assessed the Continuation fee for the semester(s) they are remediating coursework.

Students enrolled in a joint degree program whose time for meeting degree requirements at TUSM exceeds eight semesters and whose M.D. tuition requirement has been met will be assessed the Continuation Fee for each semester of enrollment beyond the eighth.If a transfer student extends the length of time in their program, they will be assessed the Continuation Fee for each additional semester enrolled.

For students approved to participate in the Step 1 or Step 2 Independent Study Program in a given semester, a student who takes a clerkship before pursuing the Step 1 or Step 2 Independent Study will be charged full tuition and the usual fees. Students who do not take a clerkship but go directly into the Step1 Independent Study at the start of a semester, will be charged the Continuation Fee. If the student is eligible to take clerkships later in that semester and opts to do so, the Continuation Fee will be rescinded and full tuition will be assessed.

In the case where a student who is being charged the Continuation Fee is promoted to the next year after the semester has started, the student may be assessed full tuition to ensure that 8 semesters of full tuition will be charged by graduation.

November or February degree candidates who have paid 8 semesters of full tuition will be assessed the Continuation Fee for the semester in which they are scheduled to graduate.

If a medical student departs from regular course attendance status by taking a leave of absence for personal or medical reasons or withdrawing during the course of a semester, the appropriate amount of tuition will be charged according to the Tufts University Tuition Refund Policy Calendar.