Developmental, Molecular & Chemical Biology Faculty


Philip Hinds, PhD, Professor & Chair - Retinoblastoma pathway in differentiation, senescence, and cancer  Send an e-mail  Research Profile

William Bachovchin, PhD, Professor  - Structure-based drug design  Send an e-mail Research Profile

James Baleja, PhD, Associate Professor - Molecular recognition, structure-based drug design, NMR-based protein structure determination  Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Alex Andrew Bohm, PhD, Associate Professor - RNA processing complexes; replication initiation  Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Peter Bullock, PhD, Professor - Structure-based studies of DNA replication initiation; structure-based drug design  Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Athar Chishti, PhD, Professor -  Pathophysiology of malaria and sickle cell disease Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Brent Cochran, PhD, Professor - Glioblastoma stem cells and molecular mechanisms of brain cancer Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Alexei Degterev, PhD, Associate Professor - Mechanisms of cell death using small molecule and drug probes  Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Larry Feig, PhD, Professor, Program Director Biochemistry Graduate Program - Mechanisms behind sex-dependent effects of stress across generations  Send an e-mail  Research Profile 

Michael Forgac, PhD, Professor - Mechanism of regulation of vacuolar acidification Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Victor Hatini, PhD, Associate Professor - Genetic approaches to patterning and organ development Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Ira Herman, PhD, Professor & Director, CMDB Graduate Program - Mechanics of motility, angiogenesis and wound healing: Therapeutics for regenerative medicine Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Daniel Jay, PhD, Professor - Mechanisms of cancer metastasis Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Peter Juo, PhD, Associate Professor - Localization and regulation of synaptic proteins Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Rajendra Kumar-Singh, PhD, Professor - Gene therapy for inherited retinal disorders  Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Charlotte Kuperwasser, PhD, Professor - Molecular mechanisms of breast cancer development Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Claire Moore, PhD, Natalie V. Zucker Professor - Mechanism and regulation of mRNA polyadenylation Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Karl Munger, PhD, Professor - HPV infection and pathogenesis  Send an e-mail Research Profile

Mercio Perrin, MD, PhD, Professor - Pathogenesis of Trypanosoma cruzi  Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Malavika Raman, PhD, Assistant Professor - Mechanisms regulating protein homeostasis  Send an e-mail Research Profile

G Gary Sahagian, PhD, Professor - Lysosomal trafficking and function in cancer; organ-selective metastasis in breast cancer Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Brian Schaffhausen, PhD, Professor Emeritus - Mechanism of neoplastic transformation  Send an e-mail  Research Profile

James Schwob, MD, PhD - Professor - Olfactory system development and regeneration Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Gail Sonenshein, PhD, Professor - Signaling in breast cancer  Send an e-mail  Research Profile

Amy Yee, PhD, Professor - Breast cancer, stem cells and transcriptional regulation  Send an e-mail  Research Profile