Integrative Physiology and Pathobiology

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The Department of Integrative Physiology and Pathobiology (IPP) is a new Department at Tufts Medical School that is at an exciting stage of development. IPP is one of four basic science departments at TUSM and is currently home to 18 Research Laboratories. It is our goal to become a world-class center for the study of inflammation and immune mediated disease processes that will co-ordinate and develop research efforts in this area across the Medical School. In the coming years the department will be expanding with new faculty, whose primary focus is the role of inflammation in a range of chronic diseases.

The current strength of the department lies with an integrated faculty interested in understanding how immunological, physiological, and metabolic pathways interact to produce dysregulated innate and adaptive host responses in a wide array of diseases. These include autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, infectious diseases, cancer, and obesity. An essential translational aspect of the Department-wide research effort will be the targeted development of novel therapeutics for both treatment and prevention of immune-mediated diseases.

Our department is currently recruiting two new teaching faculty members. 

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Faculty within the department collaborate with colleagues in the other departments: Developmental, Molecular & Chemical Biology; Molecular Biology & Microbiology; Neuroscience; and Public Health and Community Medicine. Additional collaborations exist with the Fletcher School, School of Dental Medicine, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, and Tufts Medical Center.

IPP faculty members participate in the Immunology, Molecular Microbiology, Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology and Genetics, Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, and Pharmacology and Drug Development, graduate programs, based at the Sackler School. IPP also includes the Division of Medical Education and the Anatomical Gifts Program. The faculty are supported by research grants from most NIH institutes, with particular strength from NIAID, NINDS, NIDCR, and NCI.

IPP is home to state of the art core facilities for polypeptide synthesis and sequencing, DNA synthesis and sequencing, flow cytometry and an antibody cell culture core.

Our department is located at the School of Medicine on the Health Sciences Campus of Tufts University. Opportunities to pursue research projects with faculty mentors during the school year or during the summer are open to medical, dental and undergraduate students from Tufts and other universities.

Tufts University Core Facility


IPP is home to the Tufts University Core Facility, which provides state of the art DNA and protein analyses.



The Flow Cytometry Core, based in IPP, provides service and training for analysis and sorting.

Sackler School PhD Programs


Our faculty participate in graduate training through the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences.