Integrative Physiology and Pathobiology

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Our department was founded on July 1, 2013 and is a community of scientists focused on the genesis and treatment of chronic and genetic disease. While individual faculty members have studied a variety of clinical problems, including arthritis, autoimmune disorders, birth defects, cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious pathology, metabolic and neurological disease, obesity, reproductive disorders, and wound healing, there is a core thread of effort to understand the inflammatory response and the regeneration and repair mechanisms that restore normal functioning to damaged tissue.

The name Integrative Physiology and Pathobiology reflects the fact that faculty members in the department are using a wide breadth of approaches to look at the whole organism and its component molecules, cells and tissues. The faculty members address fundamental questions in normal physiology and the mechanism of human disease. Our department combines a supportive environment for cutting edge research with rigorous training programs for predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows. The advent of genomic information and state of the art molecular techniques provide the opportunity to understand the molecular and cellular basis of disease. We seek to exploit this opportunity by contributing significantly to bridging the gap between basic biology and human disease.

Our department is also home to the Division of Medical Education and the Anatomical Gifts Program.

The department is home to core facilities for polypeptide synthesis and sequencing, DNA synthesis and sequencing, the flow cytometry core and an antibody cell culture core.

The faculty of our department participate actively in PhD education. Members of our faculty participate in the following Sackler School PhD Programs:

Sackler School PhD Programs


Our faculty participate in graduate training through the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences.



IPP is home to several core resources, including the flow cytometry core.

Anatomical Gift Program

anatomy teaching

Our Anatomical Gift Program helps families contribute to medical education.