Entering the 21st Century

In 2003, Matthew Waldor, who had been a clinician-researcher in the Division of Geographic Medicine in the Department of Medicine, joined the department as an Associate Professor and moved his Vibrio cholerae research lab into the departmental research space.  Waldor moved to the Harvard-affiliated Channing Laboratory of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2007.  

Squires’ final recruitment was of Ekaterina (“Katya”) Heldwein, who arrived in November 2006.  She is a very talented structural biologist who trained at the Oregon Health Sciences University with Richard Brennan and at Harvard Medical School with Stephen Harrison.  Heldwein's specialty is protein structure determination with an emphasis on herpesvirus entry and egress mechanisms. 

Squires retired from the Chair position in January 2007 to return to her roots in California, first moving her group to Charles Yanofsky’s lab at Stanford where she was a Consulting Professor for 2.5 years and then settling at the farm in Winters. Sonenshein again served as Acting Chair while a national search was conducted to find a permanent replacement. That search has culminated in the recruitment of John Leong, MD-PhD, an expert on diarrheagenic E. coli and Borrelia burgdorferi. Leong trained with Arthur Landy at Brown University and Ralph Isberg at Tufts, before taking faculty positions at Tufts-New England Medical Center and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He joined us with a mandate to raise the faculty census to 16 by recruiting outstanding junior and mid-level scientists. He is committed to continuing the traditions of the department in both microbial science and pathogenesis and maintaining the collegiality and spirit of cooperation that characterizes the faculty, staff and trainees. Four faculty searches are underway at present.

Molecular Microbiology PhD


Our department is the administrative home of the Molecular Microbiology PhD Program of the Sackler School