Lakshmanan (Lax) Iyer


BS, Physics
University of Bombay
Mumbai, India
MS, Physics
India Institute of Technology
Mumbai, India
PhD, Computational Biophysics
India Institute of Science
Bangalore, India
Research Assistant Professor



Advances in high throughput biology combined with easy access to large genomic data sets (sequences, gene expression, protein interaction, RNAi and small molecule screening etc.) provide a broad range of opportunities for computational biology research. I develop and apply computational methodologies, tools and resources to address biological research problems and collaborate with basic scientists and clinician scientists on a wide range of biological research projects.

My current main of areas of research includes:

  • Development of a astroglia maturation gene database using next generation sequencing methods
  • Study of the mechanism of vascular specific gene expression regulation by the hormones aldosterone and estrogen
  • Transcriptome analysis of hypothalamic tanycytes that has potential roles in the control of feeding and energy balance.

I also lead the Computational Biology Initiative whose mission is to raise awareness, enhance infrastructure, and promote computational biology in a collaborative environment among a diverse group of biologists, clinicians, high throughput technologists, information technology professionals, statisticians, bioinformaticists, and computational biologists at Tufts Medical Center and all Tufts University campuses.

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As the senior manager of the Genomics Core of the Tufts Center for Neuroscience Research, I provide expert consultation on design, implementation and analysis of microarray gene expression experiments as well as other genomics studies carried out by Tufts and TMC investigators.

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