FM Clerkship

The Family Medicine Clerkship, directed by Dr. Deborah Erlich, is a six-week rotation that offers students the unique opportunity to experience a diversity of patients and patient presentations that will help them prepare for whatever field of medicine they eventually choose.

The family medicine community faculty includes over 250 teachers at greater than 100 sites throughout New England. While there are sites as far away as Cape Cod, Vermont, and Maine, over 80% of the sites are less than a 45 minute drive from Boston and many are located right here in Greater Boston.

Students spend four days each week with their preceptors and one day each week back at Tufts for interactive didactic case discussions based on characters from four standardized families of differing cultural backgrounds. The didactic case discussions explore a variety of bio-psycho-social issues pertaining to the members of these families and help students understand how the philosophies of family medicine promote excellent patient care.

The six didactic days also feature a CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) experience, two standardized patient exercises, and interactive workshops on information mastery, dermatology, women's health, and sports medicine.

The Family Medicine Clerkship has been the top ranked clerkship at Tufts for the last decade.

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