The Department of Family Medicine is always looking to expand its pool of dedicated clinician-educators. Prospective faculty members interested in learning more about teaching opportunities through our department should contact the Chair of Family Medicine Dr. Wayne Altman at wayne.altman@tufts.edu.

Core Medical School Faculty

  • Dr. Wayne Altman: Chair of Family Medicine
  • Dr. Deborah Erlich: Family Medicine Clerkship Director
  • Dr. Amy Lee: Culture Key Theme Leader, Associate Family Medicine Clerkship Director, FM Interest Group Liaison, Alpha Omega Alpha TUSM Chapter Councilor
  • Dr. Clinton Pong: Director of CAP Course
  • Dr. Keith Nokes: Director of Tufts Student Service Scholars (TS3), Greater Lawrence Family Health Center Coordinator of Medical Student Education
  • Dr. Allen Shaughnessy: Evidence-Based Medicine Course Director, Faculty Development Fellowship Director
  • Dr. Damian Archer: Family Medicine Clerkship Didactic Faculty & Preceptor, CAP Workshop Faculty & Preceptor
  • Dr. Sarah Rosenberg-Scott: Family Medicine Clerkship Didactic Faculty & Preceptor, CAP Workshop Faculty & Preceptor
  • Dr. Andy Smith: Lawrence FM Residency Liaison
  • Dr. Richard Glickman-Simon: Co-Director of Scientific Foundations of Social and Behavioral Medicine
  • Dr. Suzanne Mitchell: Faculty, Tufts Student Service Scholars (TS3)
  • Dr. Stephanie Silverman: Director of TUSM Family Medicine at Baystate Medical Center
  • Dr. Miguel Martinez: Culture Team Member, FM Clerkship Didactic Faculty

Residency Faculty

Community Preceptors (250 community faculty members at over 100 sites including affiliates below)

Faculty Development Fellowship

  • Dr. Allen Shaughnessy: Fellowship Director

Standardized Patient Exercises

  • Dr. Libby Bradshaw: Disability SP Exercise Co-Creator, Autism Spectrum Disorder SP Exercise Co-Creator
  • Linda Long: Disability SP Exercise Co-Creator
  • Dr. Susan Connors: Autism Spectrum Disorder SP Exercise Co-Creator
  • Lucy Berrington: Autism Spectrum Disorder SP Exercise Co-Creator

Additional Faculty

  • Dr. Kiame Mahaniah: Admissions, Culture Team, TS3, Didactic Faculty
  • Dr. Honor MacNaughton: Didactic Faculty
  • Dr. Warren Bodine: Didactic Faculty
  • Dr. Jess Knapp: Didactic Faculty
  • Dr. Miguel Concepion: Didactic Faculty
  • Dr. Caitlin D'Agata: Didactic Faculty
  • Dr. Glenn Rothfeld: Didactic Faculty
  • Dr. Rachel Vogel: Didactic Faculty

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Workshop

Mobile MediCards

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concise reference materials to improve patient care, now available on your smartphone

Center for Information Mastery

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incorporating the principles of evidence-based medicine in day-to-day patient care