Major Affiliates

Cambridge Health Alliance

Many Tufts students fulfill both their FM Clerkship and Longitudinal Preceptorship at a network of Cambridge Health Alliance community health centers, including the CHA Malden Family Medicine Center where the Tufts Family Medicine Residency is located. Tufts FM residents also spend time in Cambridge Health Alliance Hospitals including Whidden Hospital and Cambridge Hospital. The Chief of Family Medicine at Cambridge Health Alliance is Dr. Randy Wertheimer.

Maine Medical Center

Maine Medical Center and Tufts University School of Medicine officially launched their affiliation with the medical school class of 2013, which began in August of 2009. About 36 students in each class are on the Maine track. These students complete portions of their first and second year coursework as well as their entire third year in Maine. Family medicine faculty from the Department of Family Medicine at MMC host students for their Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship, as well as their Longitudinal Preceptorship and the Scientific Foundations of Social and Behavioral Medicine (SFSBM) course. The Chair of Family Medicine at MMC is Dr. Ann Skelton. The Family Medicine Director of Medical Student Education at Maine Medical Center is Dr. Peg Cyr. The Family Medicine Program Director is Dr. Alison Samitt. The Course Director for SFSBM  is Dr. Debra Rothenberg.

Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

Greater Lawrence Family Health Center (GLFHC) has achieved its mission of serving its community for the last two decades. Many Tufts students observe this mission first hand, fulfilling both their FM Clerkship and CAP at GLFHC. The Lawrence Family Medicine Residency is also an affiliate of Tufts University School of Medicine. The Family Medicine Program Director is Dr. Wendy Barr. The GLFHC Coordinator of Medical Student Education is Dr. Keith Nokes.

Baystate Medical Center

Family Medicine at Baystate Medical Center is led by Dr. Stephanie Silverman, who serves on the Undergraduate Medical Education Committee and is the Medical Director of the Annual Clinical Skills Inter-clerkship for about 30 third year medical students. Many Tufts students fulfill their FM Clerkship with about 30 Family Physicians at a number of different offices and community health centers around Greater Springfield.

Lynn Community Health Center

Many Tufts students fulfill both their FM Clerkship and Longitudinal Preceptorship at Lynn Community Health Center (LCHC). LCHC serves an extremely diverse community and offers students a rich experience in serving the underserved.

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Center for Information Mastery

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incorporating the principles of evidence-based medicine in day-to-day patient care