Jeffrey Griffiths, AB, MD, MPH&TM


Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine
Adjunct Professor, Friedman School of Nutrition
Adjunct Professor, School of Engineering


Tufts University School of Medicine
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111

Phone: 617.636.6941
Fax: 617.636.4017


Degrees: AB, MD, MPH&TM
Institutions: Harvard College, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Tulane University School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Research Focus:

  • The human, animal, and environmental epidemiology of the emerging pathogen Cryptosporidium;
  • Development of an ultrastable measles vaccine for use where there are is no refrigeration or during emergencies;
  • the influence of malnutrition and environmental factors, such as air pollution and heavy metals, on common infectious diseases such as diarrhea and pneumonia.
  • Dr. Griffiths has a long interest in waterborne diseases, ranging from research on the biology of the pathogens to their epidemiology and to public policy and regulation.

Select Publications:

Senate testimony on the Oversight Hearing on Federal Drinking Water Programs, December 2009

Senate testimony on the provision of clean water to US Troops in Iraq, April 2006


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Of interest:

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