Paul Hattis, MD, JD, MPH

Positions: Associate Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine
Contact: Tufts University School of Medicine
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111

Phone: 617.636.2498
Fax: 617.636.4017


BS, University of Michigan
MD, University of Illinois
JD, University of Illinois

Research Focus:

Dr. Hattis has a research focus in four major areas:

  1. Community engagement in health care reform
  2. Hospital Community Benefit responsibilities;
  3. Diversity in the health care professions; and
  4. Legal issues affecting health care volunteers

Select Publications: 

  1. Eckstein, E. and Hattis, P, “Hospitals Investing in Health: Community Benefits in MA”, Community Catalyst, Oct. 2016

  2. Boumil, M. and Hattis, P. Medical Liability, Minneapolis, MN, West Publishing, St. Paul, MN,  2011

  3. Perez, T., Hattis, P., and Barnett, K., “Health Professions Accreditation and Diversity: A Collaborative Approach Enhance Current Standards”, W. K. Kellogg Foundation, August 2010

  4. Hattis, P. and Matheny, P., “Linking Community Health Improvement with Clinical Strategies, 44 Health Forum Journal 3, May/June 2001, p. 25-8

  5. Hattis, P., “Toward a More Strategic Approach to Community Engagement:--A Response to the Commentary of Kevin Barnett”, Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, Volume 25, No. 2, Fall 2002 , pp. 209-213

  6. Barnett, K and Hattis, P., “Chapter 5: Community Benefit as a Tool for Institutional Reform”, in IOM Study on Work-force Diversity, IOM, (April, 2004)

  7. Hattis, P, “ Overcoming Barriers to Physician Volunteerism: Summary of State Laws Providing Reduced Malpractice Liability Exposure for Clinician Volunteers”, Univ. of Illinois Law Review, Volume 2004, No. 1, p. 167-182