Libby Bradshaw, DO, MS



Assistant Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine
Academic Director, PREP Program


Tufts University School of Medicine
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111

Phone: 617.636.6946
Fax: 617.636.4017

Research Focus:

Patient-Provider Interactions / Doctor-Patient Relationships / Patient-Centered Care & Health Communication/ Behavioral Change/ Medication Adherence / Medical Education of Pain and Experience of Illness / Disability / Empathy Catalysts, Facilitators, Resistance to Change / Organizational Development / Family Violence: Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Advocacy / Injury Control Medicine and Public Health Interface / Primary Care Workforce/ Access to Care

Select Publications:

Bradshaw YS.  Wacks NP. Perez-Tamayo A.  Obionwu C, Jr.  Myers B.  Lee RA. Carr DB. Deconstructing one Medical School’s Pain Curriculum: I. Rationale and Findings.  Pain Medicine.  2017;18(4):655-663. doi:10.1093/pm/pnw293


Bradshaw YS.  Wacks NP.  Perez-Tamayo A.  Obionwu C, Jr. Myers B.  Lee RA. Carr DB. Deconstructing one Medical School’s Pain Curriculum: II. Partnering with Medical Students on an Evidence-Guided Redesign.  Pain Medicine. 2017;18(4):664–679.  doi:10.1093/pm/pnw340


Tayeb BO.  Barreiro AE.  Bradshaw YS. Chui KKH. Carr DB. Durations of Opioid, Nonopioid Drug, and Behavioral Clinical Trials for Chronic Pain: Adequate or Inadequate?  Pain Medicine. 2016;17(11):2036-2046.  doi:10.1093/pm/pnw245 

Winegarden J. Carr DB. Bradshaw YS. Intravenous Ketamine for Rapid Opioid Dose Reduction, Reversal of Opioid-Induced Neurotoxicity, and Pain Control in Terminal Care: Case Report and Literature Review. Pain Medicine. 2015:17(4):644-649. doi:10.1111/pme.12865

Winegarden JA; Carr DB; Bradshaw Y. Contractures in end-stage Alzheimer's disease may respond to low-dose corticosteroid treatment: report of three cases. Journal of Palliative Medicine. 2015;18(3):208-. doi: 10.1089/jpm.2014.0399

Hsu, Kai-Yin; Dunn, Julie E.; Bradshaw, Ylisabyth S.; Conboy L. Lessons from an Acupuncture Teaching Clinic: Patient Characteristics and Pain Management Effectiveness.  Explore-The Journal of Science and Healing. 2014 Sep-Oct;10(5):284-293.


Carr DB. Bradshaw YS.  Time to flip the pain curriculum?  Anesthesiology.  2014 Jan;120(1):12-4. doi: 10.1097/ALN.0000000000000054.