Signe Peterson Flieger, PhD, MSW

Flieger, Signe


Tufts Health Plan Professor of Health Care Policy Research
Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine


Tufts University School of Medicine
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111

Phone: 617.636.3622
Fax: 617.636.4017


PhD, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University (2014)
MSW, Washington University in St. Louis (2006)
AB, Harvard University (2004)

Teaching Areas:

Health care system and policy; Organization theory and management

Research Focus:

Dr. Flieger’s current research focuses on delivery system reform, payment reform, and organizational change in health care delivery organizations. She aims to identify effective models to improve population health among older adults and adults with serious advanced illness. She conducts both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. She is particularly interested in delivery system innovations that improve patient outcomes and reduce health care costs, and often uses an organizational theory framework for her studies.

Dr. Flieger recently collaborated with researchers at the Yale Global Health Leadership Institute on the “Leadership Saves Lives” project, a multiyear intervention and research study aimed at improving acute myocardial infarction (AMI) outcomes through implementation of a team-based leadership intervention which recognizes the importance of organizational culture.


She is currently pursuing research that examines the role of palliative care in delivery system and payment reform. In addition, she is interested in the intersection of health care and social services in the context of value-based payment innovations.

Select Publications:

1) Flieger, S.P. (2017). Implementing the patient-centered medical home in complex adaptive systems: Becoming a Relationship-Centered Patient-Centered Medical Home. Health Care Management Review, 42(2): 112-121.

2) Sinaiko, A.D., Landrum, M.B., Meyers, D.J., Shehnaz, A., Maeng, D.D., Friedberg, M.W., Kern, L.M., Edwards, A.M., Flieger, S.P., Houck, P.R., Peele, P., Reid, R., McGraves-Lloyd, K., Finison, K., Rosenthal, M.B. (2017). Synthesis of research of patient-centered medical homes brings systematic differences into relief. Health Affairs, 36(3): 500-508.

3) Peterson, R.L., Flieger, S.P. (2015). Comment on health policy in professional psychology doctoral programs. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 9(2), 132-135.

4) Chilingerian, J., Flieger, S.P., & Hart, A. (2012). Establishing an AHRQ learning collaborative: A white paper. AHRQ Publication No. 12-0037-EF, March 2012. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.

5) Wallack, S.S. Thomas, C.P., Flieger, S.P., & Altman, S.H. (2010). Massachusetts health care cost trends. Part I: The Massachusetts health care system in context: Costs, structure, and methods used by private insurers to pay providers. Boston: Division of Health Care Finance and Policy.