Methods for Conducting Surveys Electronically

ACASI (Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview), CASI (Computer-Assisted Self-Interview) and CAPI (Computer-Assisted Personal-Interview) are all methods for conducting surveys electronically.

  • ACASI and CASI (systems with and without audio, respectively) allow participants to privately answer sensitive questions (such as questions about alcohol and illegal drug use, risky sexual behavior, working conditions, child safety, etc.) directly via a laptop computer, netbook or Windows-based tablet.
  • CAPI allows an interviewer to directly enter participant responses into an electronic device, avoiding the need for data entry.

Under the direction of Alice Tang, MS, PhD, Associate Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine, our department has been developing ACASI, CASI, and CAPI systems for researchers within and outside of Tufts University.

Tufts Customized ACASI System

The Tufts ACASI system is a uniquely customized ACASI system developed using Macromedia Authorware (v7.0).

  • The ACASI system can be programmed in multiple languages, including but not limited to Spanish, Vietnamese, Hindi, and Chinese.
  • It is designed to offer both a live interview mode and a data entry mode.
  • The Tufts ACASI system can be programmed to deliver a variety of question types, including yes/no, single-answer multiple choice (select one answer), multiple-answer multiple choice (select all that apply), questions which allow numeric keypad entry, scale questions which allow the user to click on a point along a scale, and text entry for interviewer-administered, open-ended questions.
  • The participant has control to replay questions, navigate forward and backward, and can change answers multiple times.
  • Skip patterns are integrated so that only pertinent questions are asked.
  • Using headphones and a laptop computer, the participant can answer sensitive questions privately and discreetly.

Contact Us

For further information on how we can develop a customized ACASI system for your research study, contact Scott Sughrue at or by phone (617) 636-2471.

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