By Margo Woods, DSc, Emily Potts, MSc, and Joan Connors, DMin, RD

Nausea may be caused by infection or medications. Here are some ideas for the nutritional management of nausea:

  • Keep something in your stomach; eat something small every 1-2 hour.

  • Eat bland, low-fat foods: bananas, rice, oatmeal, toast, plain pasta, canned fruit, hard candies, ginger ale, canned chicken/tuna, plain baked potato, clear-broth canned soups.

  • Drink liquids separately from solid food, with at least 30 minutes apart.

  • Focus on lukewarm or cold foods to limit the smell factor—hot food smells stronger and can trigger nausea.

  • Also try lemons, salty, starchy foods, extra ginger sprinkled in ginger ale, ginger snaps.

  • Avoid lying down flat after eating.

  • Eating something small before getting out of bed.

  • Avoid foods such as:

    • Fatty, greasy, or fried foods
    • Very sweet foods (candy, cookies, or cake)
    • Spicy foods
    • Foods with strong odors
    • Hot temperature foods

If nausea persists, check with your doctor.