The Center for Drug Abuse and AIDS Research (CDAAR) provides resources to explore the relationship between nutritional status, HIV infection, antiretroviral treatment, and liver function on nutritional and metabolic outcomes in drug users.

The Tufts University Nutrition Collaborative (TNC) is one of the first CDAAR programs in the country. TNC represents a partnership between: Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center; Brown University and Miriam Hospital; and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

TNC-CDAAR is funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Learn more about the TNC-CDAAR at

The long term vision of TNC-CDAAR is to:

  1. generate research on nutrition, metabolic, and liver function disorders among drug users at risk for or with HIV infection and,
  2. become a national resource center for other institutions and investigators who want to conduct similar research.

Tufts University is the administrative center for this project. Investigators from each of the collaborating institutions form the TNC Executive Committee and will coordinate Center-wide studies, evaluate Developmental Award applications, and offer the following Core Services:

  1. Administrative Core (Tufts University)
  2. Developmental Awards Core (Tufts University)
  3. Special Populations Core (Brown University/Miriam Hospital)
  4. Nutrition and Metabolism (Tufts University)
  5. Epidemiology/Biostatistics Core (Tufts University)
  6. Hepatitis and Liver Function Core (Tufts University, Brown University/Miriam Hospital, Johns Hopkins)

Please remember to cite the Center for Drug Abuse and AIDS Research (CDAAR) (Grant #P30 DA013868) in all publications that have benefited from the Center's Core services.

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