Environmental and Occupational Health

NIH/NHLBI: Boston Puerto Rican Health Study

Our overall aim for this renewal is, to extend follow-up and to measure and analyze relevant characteristics and CVD risk factors, and to add additional contextual and outcome measures for CVD risk in this established cohort of Puerto Rican adults, so that we may better understand the dynamics of these disparities.

Principal Investigator: D. Brugge
Co-Investigator: C. Rioux

Federal Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): Evaluation of Cardiovascular Health Benefits of In-home Air Filtration

We propose to measure the health benefits of air cleaning technology in homes adjacent to a highway in Somerville, Massachusetts, just north of Boston. This study builds on an on-going, NIEHS-funded, investigation of health effects in people exposed to near-highway air pollution.

Co-Investigator: D. Brugge

NIH: Nuestro Futuro Saludable: The JP Partnership for Healthy Caribbean Latino Youth

This project is significant because. (1) it is a within-group intervention research project targeting a not well understood sub-population of the Latino demographic; (2) the project is unique because it brings together a diverse group of community stakeholders: (3) key personnel are primarily people of color, with a majority of bilingual Latina women of varying backgrounds; and (4) the project introduces two new investigators of color.

Co-Investigator: D. Brugge

NIH/NIEHS: Community Assessment of Freeway Pollution and Health (CAFEH)

To study the relationship between air pollutants emitted from motor vehicles on major highways and chronic health effects in individuals living in nearby communities.

Principal Investigator: D. Brugge

NIH/NIEHS: Hazardous Waste Training

Researching health and safety systems at former nuclear weapons production (Dept. of Energy) site on anNIEHS grant with the Tony Mazzocchi Center (USW).

Principal Investigator: B. Rosenberg

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