Nutrition and Infection

Research expertise in the Unit and areas of current research include, among others:

Nutritional and metabolic complications of HIV infection (studies in Boston, India, Vietnam, Kenya, South Africa), cardiovascular risk in HIV infection (Boston), nutritional and metabolic complications in drug users (studies in Boston, Vietnam, India, Providence, Baltimore), factors contributing to adherence to antitretroviral therapy in Vietnam, Namibia and India, alterations in pharmacokinetics induced by hepatitis C and liver dysfunction in drug users infected with HIV (Boston), glucose tolerance in HIV infected adults, body composition changes in HIV infected adults, intervention studies for lipid abnormalities and/or abnormal body composition in adults infected with HIV, growth faltering in children in a birth cohort in Pakistan, micronutrient levels and intestinal microbiota in infants in Pakistan, intestinal microbiota and immune activation in HIV infected individuals with abnormal cardiovascular surrogate markers, diarrheal disease in children in India, nutritional status and HIV outcomes in Kenya, malaria and HIV outcomes in Kenya and neurological complication of HIV infection.

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