Obesity and Chronic Disease

European Commission: Dobutamine for NEOnatal CIRCulatory Failure defined by novel biomarkers (NEO-CIRC)

The goal of the project is to perform collaborative neuroscience research on blood-brain and blood-CSF barriers in development.

Principal Investigator: O. Dammann


NIH: Neonatal Biomarkers In Extremely Preterm Babies Predict Childhood Brain Disorders

The goal of the project is to test the hypothesis that preterm children with elevated concentrations of inflammation-associated biomarkers in the blood during the first 2 postnatal weeks are more likely than others to have impaired general cognitive ability (GCA) at 9 years.

Co-Investigator: O. Dammann


NIH: Assessing and Preventing Obesity among New Immigrants (2008-2012)

This 2-year preventive intervention will be designed to moderate or reduce weight gain in mother/child dyads of new immigrants in Somerville, MA. Once the main trial is completed, controls will receive a delayed intervention. Developed with active input of our community partners, this intervention stands to benefit long-term health, in the prevention of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

Co-Investigator: A. Must


NIH: The Green Project

The proposed intervention seeks to improve the quality of foods brought to school from home by taking advantage of a natural synergy between healthy eating and eco-friendly behaviors to increase motivation to adopt healthy eating behaviors.

Co-Investigator: A. Must


NIH: Boston Obesity Nutrition Research Center (Subcontract), Clinical and Community Research Core

This core, directed by Must, serves the obesity researchers in the greater Boston area who study humans in clinical, laboratory and community settings.

Principal Investigator (Tufts Core): A. Must

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