Tufts Health Care Institute Videos

Videos on Health Care and Delivery System Reform

These videos, made in the years 2009 – 2014, cover a range of topics related to the organization, financing, and delivery of health care during a time of rapid transition in the health care system. They are delivered by a number of experts in health care delivery, finance and policy. The topics are usually from a national perspective, though some videos focus specifically on the state of Massachusetts. They are available for viewing without charge.

The educational videos accessible on this website were originally created by the Tufts Health Care Institute (THCI). THCI was founded in 1995 by Tufts Health Plan and Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM) to help physicians and other health professionals practice comfortably and effectively in a complex and evolving health care system. THCI fulfilled this mission by offering educational resources and programs—in the classroom and online—to medical students, residents, practicing physicians, nurses, pharmacists and others, both within the Tufts community and beyond. THCI ceased operations in 2016 and generously provided the Department of Public Health & Community Medicine with its library of online resources. Other functions of THCI are continuing under the auspices of the TUSM Office of Continuing Education (OCE) under the direction of the Dean for Educational Affairs. 

We thank the staff of THCI (in particular Rosalie Philips, Ralph Halpern, and Rosemarie Curran), the Tufts Health Plan, and the Tufts Health Plan Foundation for their work in support of educating health professions about the health care system, and for the roles they played in creating and producing these videos

History of Healthcare Reform
This collection of videos details the evolution of the health care system on a national and statewide level. Videos use financial, policy and systems lenses to provide a history and note the important changes in our current system.

Stakeholder Perspectives
This collection of videos details the ways in which payers and providers can control costs and lead reform given their distinct positions in the healthcare system. Several videos specifically detail how to engage and partner with consumers.

1) The Payers: Their role and perspectives

2) The Providers: Their role and perspectives

3) The Consumer: empowering the engaged consumer

Health Care Costs & Payment Reform
This collection of videos details the current payment reform, its effects on the health insurance market, and the innovative strategies being implemented to curtail health care spending.

Health Care Policy: Federal & State Level
This collection of videos details the changes to the healthcare system outlined under the Affordable Care Act; its projected impact on providers, payers, and consumers; and the current status of its implementation.

Systems-based Practice
This collection of videos details the innovative models of care delivery currently being tested in various sectors and the culture change required to achieve more integrated systems of care.