End of Series Documents

The following documents are required at the End of the Series (OCE will notify you in advance of the official due date):

RSS Final Budget without Commercial Support
RSS Final Budget with Commercial Support

Attendance & Credit Tracking Spreadsheet

  • This spreadsheet is due with the End of Series materials, however it is strongly encouraged that you update it following each session. 

Impact of Education on Outcomes

  • The purpose of this tool is to determine the impact that the education had on clinician practice. Submitted results should demonstrate impact through survey results and/or a narrative explaining the findings using hard data. In some cases, it may be discovered that the education had little to no impact on the learner. This should be a consideration when planning the Series for the following year. Many of our educational partners distribute a follow-up survey to gather this information, however there are many other options outlined in the initial Series planning form that will meet this requirement.

    Below you will find templates for the follow-up survey with the required questions.

Focus Group Questions
Follow-Up Survey Instructions & Template for SurveyMonkey (online survey set-up instructions and template)
Follow-Up Survey Template (to email or print)