RSS Planning Documents & Resources

Below you will find the required planning form and supplemental documents. The OCE operates on an academic calendar year, July 1 - June 30. We do not accept forms after the start of an academic year, July 1st.

Please make sure to review the Session Documents page as well as the End of Series page for a complete overview of the documentation required.

TUSM OCE Policy for RSS Sessions with Commercial Support

The OCE must submit all educational grant requests to potential funders and all approved grant funds will be made payable to the OCE to disburse the funds accordingly. There will be grant management fees associated with each grant request the OCE manages for your series. Please contact the OCE at 617.636.6579 if you would like to discuss further details.

NOTE: If your department/division wishes to submit a grant request directly, you may do so as an activity not offered for CME (TUSM OCE will not offer credit for those funded sessions).

Planning Form and Supplemental Documents

RSS Planning Form and Checklist
Disclosure Form
Budget Estimate without Commercial Support Template 
Budget Estimate with Commercial Support Template

Faculty/Planning Resources

Information for Faculty on Disclosure and Content Guidelines
ACCME's COI Flowchart - for identifying and resolving conflicts of interest
Verb Worksheet - for preparing Learning Objectives that are measurable and specific to learner outcomes
Sample Needs Assessment Survey Questions - if you are interested in sending a survey to your target audience to assess their educational needs 

Active Learning Strategies
Effective Lectures
Strategies for Small Group Sessions
Teaching with Cases
Oral Presentation Tips (video from ACCP)


We would like to inform you about an online tool, eeds (electronic education documentation system), which various departments have utilized and we highly recommend. This electronic documentation system can help record participant attendance, collect and store disclosures, track evaluation data, etc. For more information including fees, please contact TUSM OCE directly.