RSS Session Process and Documentation

Session Specific Process and Documentation

Please note that each series must comply with Session Specific Process and Documentation Requirements to receive AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ for sessions. Please download the appropriate checklist for your series below.

TUSM OCE’s Compliance Policy:

Session documentation must be uploaded into Series specific folders on, a cloud-based service hosted by Tufts University, within 5 Business days post activity. TUSM OCE requires that each Series use the latest versions of all forms available on our website. All TUSM OCE’s forms are PDF fillable. When submitting forms, ensure that quality data is being recorded and forms are filled out completely and correctly. If session documentation is missing, incomplete, or non-complaint, credit will not be awarded. If your department has extenuating circumstances, e.g., administrator turn over, staff vacation/medical leave, etc., please notify us as soon as possible.

2018-2019 Session Checklists

Lecture Based Session Process and Documentation (i.e., Grand Rounds)
Journal Club Session Process and Documentation 
Case Conference, Tumor Board, Morbidity & Mortality (M&M) Session Process and Documentation

Documentation Updated/Collected prior to the Session:

Speaker Required Documentation:

2018-2019 TUSM OCE Disclosure Form (for Lecture Based series. i.e., Grand Rounds)
Note: The use of employees or owners of ACCME-defined commercial interests as planners, speakers or in other roles where they are in a position to control CME content is strictly prohibited by the ACCME. Credit will not be awarded for sessions presented by employees/owners of a commercial interest.

Presentation Slides (if speaker cannot share slides, TUSM OCE's RSS Content Outline Form required – see exception below)
Note: If the speaker reports a relevant financial relationship/conflict of interest with a commercial interest on disclosure form, an outline will not be accepted - presentation slides are REQUIRED.

Course Director/Designated Reviewer Required Documentation:

Content Review/Resolving Conflict of Interest/RCOI Form
Note: To be completed by an appropriate reviewer who does not hold any relevant financial relationships with a commercial interest – it can be the course director or designated faculty member; cannot be the speaker.

Documentation Updated for Distribution at Session:

Sheet 

Accreditation Information Page or Accreditation Slides - applies to all sessions- including those using eeds

Documentation  Uploaded to Box within 5 business days post-session:

Speaker’s completed/signed Disclosure Form (for Lecture Based series. i.e., Grand Rounds)

Speaker’s Presentation Slides or TUSM OCE's RSS Content Outline Form if applicable (for Lecture Based series. i.e., Grand Rounds)

Content Review/ Resolution of Conflict of Interest (RCOI) Form -fully completed and signed for compliance (for Lecture Based series. i.e., Grand Rounds)

Practice Gap & Content Attestation Form (for Case Conference, Morbidity & Mortality and Tumor Boards ONLY)

Sheets (not applicable for depts. using eeds)

Note: TUSM OCE recommends updating the Attendance & Credit Tracking Spreadsheet after each session (due to TUSM OCE post-series). Please indicate which sessions addressed risk management topics on the Attendance & Credit Tracking Spreadsheet. Participant certificates issued at the end of the series/academic year will include the total number of risk management credits participants can report.  TUSM OCE will not be able to include the total number of risk management credits on certificates if this information is not indicated. A list of Risk Management topics is located here.

Accreditation Information Page or Accreditation Information Slides distributed/presented at session

Monthly Participant Evaluation Summary (see below)

Monthly Evaluations
Monthly evaluations are required to be distributed to participants. This gives them the opportunity to provide feedback about the session(s) and request future topics. While it is not mandatory for participants to complete the evaluation, the option must still be available to them. A summary of responses is required to be uploaded to Box.

Monthly Evaluation Template (to email or print)
Monthly Evaluation Summary Template
Survey Monkey Monthly Evaluation Template and Instructions