MD Programs

In 1893, Tufts University School of Medicine raised the bar for the medical profession when it integrated clinical practice and the latest scientific research. More than a century later, we’re still breaking new ground. Our educational objective is to graduate physicians with the knowledge, skill, and values to become leaders in their chosen field. To achieve our goals, we have developed a rigorous but flexible and practical educational philosophy, built around the following strengths:

An Integrated Curriculum: Our core science courses are taught by active clinicians and researchers who demonstrate how the material relates to real-world cases.

Combined-Degree Programs: Options include: MD/MBA in Health Management, MD/PhD, MD/MA in International Affairs, and MD/MPH

Community Service/Active Citizenship: We are committed to creating a learning environment that promotes active citizenship and produces leaders who build stronger communities and societies.

Supportive, Friendly Environment: Our faculty and administrators join with students to create a nurturing community that encourages people to learn from each other.

Early Patient Contact: Student contact with patients begins within the first weeks of entering medical school and builds across the four years.

Innovative Technology: Tufts University Sciences Knowledgebase (TUSK), our award-winning database-driven learning and information management system, supports faculty and students.

Diverse Clinical Teaching Sites: Our students are well-trained in TUSM-affiliated hospitals throughout greater Boston and the surrounding region, preparing them for a strong residency performance.

A Variety of Teaching Methods: Our experienced, dedicated faculty educates through small-group lectures, problem- and case-based learning, research projects, computerized instruction, and one-on-one clinical teaching.

Local Engagement

Sharewood Clinic

The Sharewood Project is a free health care organization run by volunteer medical students and physicians affiliated with Tufts.

White Coat Ceremony

Tufts White Coat Ceremony

Entering medical students gather at the Cutler Majestic Theatre to receive their white coats and stand together to recite the modern Hippocratic Oath.

Joint Degrees

•  MD/MBA in Health Management with Brandies University
•  MD/PhD with Sackler School
•  MD/MA in International Affairs with Fletcher School
•  MD/MPH with Tufts PHPD